Fanworks and Writing focused discord server. UPDATED LINK

We went and opened a small server focused on CoG/HG fanworks, general writing, creator support and general dorking around CoG.

Hope to see you.

Join us here (we have a Wholesome channel)


We are still a bit in the process of setting up proper, so some stuff is bound to change.

All set.
No RP channels yet, but we got lovely colors for the roles.

Added pronoun roles now. How did we forget that O_ó

So what is this difference between this one and the other one?

It’s focused (thats the intend) on fanworks and writing. So, research, references and tossing ideas back and forth.
With a main focus on CSGs, but also general art and writing.

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Very gentle push. We made a Wholesome channel a while back and it’s been the best idea 5ever


Wholesome means happy endings? Or more like minor-safe/work-safe?


Wholesome= puppies and generally restoring faith in humanity


Server is temporarily invite only.
Contact me if you want to join.

Back to open invite. See you there