If the various CoGs/HGs/WiPs were movies

Alternate thread titles: The Fancast Thread, Who Do You See When You Play?, Is Brad Pitt YOUR Tyler Durden? Ed Norton YOUR Narrator/Jack? [CoG/HG/WiP edition]

Obligatory long time lurker, first time poster bit right here. Lurked around after discovering CoG through Tumblr a couple years ago. Created this account a long while ago with intentions to post on a WIP thread, but never did. Lurked around some more. Now, I’m joining the party. With that in mind…

I’m going to preface this by saying that I did a cursory search and found no threads specifically about this sort of topic. Vague mentions in other threads, sure, but that’s about it. If such a beast DOES exist, and it doesn’t require an internet excavation to be found and pointed out, please let me know so that I may hang my head in shame at my poor searching skills. Also, I’m fairly sure this is the right category for this to be posted in. If not, I apologize.

On to the actual topic:

Right then, CoG community. Color me curious with a tasteful shade of magenta.

As you read through these text-based adventures, brow furrowed in concentration and, perhaps, vague frustration as you try to predict which choice leads to not being turned into a wheel of sentient cheese while also bringing you closer to your chosen love interest, who do you see? Who, in the magical move studio that is your noggin, plays the soft spoken healer with a sordid past - and a penchant for garish hats, silky underoos, and murder- that your MC has had a crush on for, like, forever? Who plays all those other undoubtedly colorful characters that your MC will/has undoubtedly come across?

Obviously, I am not referring to any game on this site that exists (although, hey! Sentient cheese wheel! Practically writes itself.) I was just trying to, y’know, ask my question with some flavor. But I can see that the previous paragraph could possibly leave you asking yourself ‘what even is going on here…?’

To put it simply, who do you see when you play these games? Do you even see any one person, or do these characters appear to you as vague composites of people you know and/or have seen around? Are there characters that you know should look like someone else, but they keep appearing as this one person for some reason? Perhaps a character appears to you as one person, but when they speak, they sound like someone else - who? Who have you cast in the CoG/HG/WiP movies in your mind? Your answers don’t necessarily have to be actual people, nor do they have to be actors. Musicians, anime characters, and so on. I want to know.

And if you write CoGs/HGs/WiPs, who do YOU picture while writing? Who do you hope people will picture when they read it?

A couple examples, if you’re still lost:

For some bizarre reason, I see male Wakefield from Deathless as a slightly smaller version of Germany from Hetalia voiced by Knives from Trigun. Yeah, please don’t ask, I don’t get it myself.

Female Wakefield, however, is definitely Natalie Dormer, and I will fight you on this.
…But I won’t actually fight you.

I associate (but I don’t necessarily see it, if this makes sense) Tom Hardy with Nick from The Black Cat. This is because Hardy was Eames in Inception, and Eames is awesome.

And the final example, from one of my favorite WiPs (Team Zero, may you rest in peace) Michael Fassbender as Damon Black. I’m not really a fan of him as the voice - he’s not the one I hear when Damon speaks- but I don’t have a concrete voice for Damon. It changes, which is kinda weird.

A few things
One, I’m more interested in who plays the NPCs/LIs/etc than I am your MC because… Well, I just am, I guess. There’s the whole thing about MCs being different for everyone; NPCs, not so much. That might be it. But if you’ve someone you always picture your MCs as, post it up because I AM curious.

Two, if you don’t see the characters so much as hear them, post it up. ‘All of my MCs are voiced by Troy Baker. Even the female ones. Especially the female ones.’ Awesome. I want to know.

Three, if you come in here to post ‘I don’t do this, this is weird, you’re weird…’ Please don’t. It wastes your time, it wastes my time, and it’s highly unnecessary.

Four, wow, I wrote a book in this post. Well, not really a book, but holy text-heavy first post, Batman. I am sorry.


You’re being fluffy. This post could have been half as long without losing much substance. This probably discouraged a lot of people from actually finishing reading it. Just saying.

The warning against going “I don’t do this, this is weird, you’re weird…” is already more or less an implicit forum rule of politeness.

I keep thinking of a shorter, buffer version of Sandra Bullock to play Major Rogers from Choice of Robots. And Captain Baelyn from Mecha Ace. And my MC in Choice of Broadsides. And Lady Katerina in Cataphrak’s work in progress “guns of Infinity.” And anyone else badass and determined.

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Aye, I could use a lot of work on brevity. When I’m nervous, however, I tend to… inflate my writing. Ridiculously. So it was either fluff up the post and join the party or just stay in full on lurk mode. I could go back and edit out the unimportant bits, but then I’m just as likely to try to completely delete the topic and just go back under my rock.

Aye again re: implicit politeness rule. But there are always people who can’t seem to grasp implicit rules -though I honestly really haven’t seen any of those types on here- and it never hurts to remind people to play nice.

And Sandra Bullock? YES. I can definitely see her.

… i’ve wanted a thread like this for a while but i don’t actually have much to say
(i do agree with crotale about the fluff, definitely, but i also personally enjoy your sense of humor enough to give it a pass)

i see caraway from tin star as cass from fnv and i haven’t even played fnv.
ben carson’s a slimmer, older boone.
and, if we’re countin’ wips, monsters’ jack brings to mind a bearded and tattooed nathan explosion d:
i see sam j from the same game as aldevina da silva, actually.
eliran from into infamy seems a bit like a mix of arcade gannon (fnv again) and martin freeman–at least, as far as i can remember, that’s the image i had.

i’ve got a few others, but… as it happens i don’t currently know the names of the people i’m reminded of.

I generally picture every NPC as different variations of actual cannibal Shia Labeouf.


You’re walking in the woods. There’s noone around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him…


I always had a mental image of Schmidt from Tin Star looking like Will Geer, with his Chris Lapp mountain man beard.

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Isn’t Juliet Rogers black?


I always imagine Jun from Way Walkers as Michael Cera.

Otherwise I don’t really have specifics, I’m bad with actors and their faces.

To be fair, I know a lot of people ignore racial descriptions. I know I always think of Caz as Spanish while Elson is French.

If so, I never caught that detail. I do skim most CoGs, to get to the actual choices faster.

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I don’t really picture anyone from real life (probably because I don’t watch TV). Although when I used to picture characters I normally though of cartoons. For example: You know Tyler from Life of a Mobster? I picture him as Otto from “The Simpsons”. That being said I normally just use the descriptions given in the game to make a rough outline of them in my head. I’m not saying that their faces aren’t influenced by celebrities (since they usually do) but they usually aren’t a factor when I’m picturing the characters.

The game description I found says

You open the door and see a woman of color wearing a lime green tank top and shorts, as though she’s been out running.

There might be other phrasing elsewhere in the game.

@Packet Joking or not we shouldn’t encourage the idea of casting white people against their race, especially not in black-face for parts. If you want to discuss Tropic Thunder off to the movies thread.

Agreed. It happens. It shouldn’t.

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… ohey, if we can also cast singers, then danny schmidt (there’s some irony in there, but i can’t seem to pick it out and put it into words) for preston in tin star!

it’s a bit hard to actually say which cog/hg would be best as a movie, since… essentially, there is no ‘concrete’ story for most. i think divided we fall would be easiest to adapt into that format, and would love a movie for that. i’d also definitely watch one for black cat and deathless, and vampire with a bi protagonist (preferably of color, because i find the most powerful story in this regard in that game is with that combination). also fatehaven and eerie estate agent. i’d love an animated adaptation of monster master.

… also i’ve always seen silas from cotv as a mix heath ledger and a younger ed harris.

@FairyGodfeather absolutely.

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People get too hung up on bad jokes, mistakenly believing that they actually mean something. There’s such a thing as bad taste, but comedy isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and it really shouldn’t be.

And I’d say Jeff Bridges for Preston, myself.

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Jeff Bridges would make a good Schmidt, I think… He’s got that iconic gold prospector look. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he does the classy look better, personally.

Catherine Zeta Jones = Tin Star’s Maria, Choice of Romance’s Queen, androgenous plant thing from treasure seekers of lady luck…

I imagined Chloe Grace Mortez s Jelly Kelly from HR:RS. And for Lucky I was thinking Poison Ivy Drew Barrymore.

well in the zombie exodus safe haven yp I picture my MC as a female hero yuy(my profile pic) and in zombie exodus I pictured my soldier MC as the guy from sniper 2(my go to soldier lol)

as for NPCs, I picked the shouty general from the star captain game as jorgan von strangle from fairly odd parents lol, literally a carbon copy no joke :stuck_out_tongue:
I also pictured uncle lou from zombie exodus as Johnny bravos’s dad?(got an image but no name :stuck_out_tongue: )

from a wise use of time I pictured the fellow woman who can also stop time as the oracle from the matrix.

I pictured casarosta from guns of infinity as actual hero yuy.

from mecha ace I pictured the mech pilot who sees the beauty in fighting as tres cush renada(sp) from gundam wing lol and the hard to control mech as tall geese

finally I pictured my band from choice of the rockstar as an extreme version of slipknot :stuck_out_tongue: