Fan made Choice of Games Discord Server! (Updated invite code + Affiliates!)

Hey, hello, hi! So I started a Discord server for Choice of Games a couple days ago and I just finally thought of putting the link here. Come join us and chat!

And here's the list of current admins, feel free to message any of us if you have any questions or concerns!!

Update: new link, December '18.


What is a Discord server?

It’s a text and voice chat room! Usually targeted at gamers to chat while playing games but I made one for COG players on Tumblr to chat together in one place.

Never expected someone to ask that question. :smiley: Advanced skype?


I haven’t done the whole chat thing since messenger and my deviantart days, and I hate online multiplayer gaming, so… :smile:

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Can people who aren’t on Tumblr join as well?

Of course. You need to sign up to Discord, though, but it’s independent from tumblr

Oh, yeah! Totally! That’s why I posted it here! It was just originally for a bunch of us on Tumblr, where there’s no group chat.


I think I forgot my username-pass…
Don’t begin without me, guys.

Due to some hiccuppy shenanigans the url to join has been change to the following:

Hope to see you there :smiley: (we might have chocolate cookies)


Hey, unsure if I can post in this old thread or not? Seems it’s from 2016.

I tried the discord invite link and it expired, is the server still going? I would like to join in, can someone post a new invite link?

The link in my post:

Is set to never expire.
Try that one again?

A discord server, huh of all places I never thought this place would get one haha!

Yeah the code changed a couple times but this is the new, never gonna expire one:

Up-Bumping with permission


We have a new invite code! Feel free to join!


OK i just noticed this but both invite codes work for the people asking, feel free to join!!


Hello! So the server just reached 300 members o m g. Both previous invite codes still work, so feel free to come join us and chat about choice script games, and your own wips and whatever else really :smiley:


Hi! The new invite code is in the original post of this thread. It’s the only working code, any others in this thread don’t work. :slight_smile:

we ran into a few… spamming problems, but things should be better now!!! :smiley: :+1: