Fan made Choice of Games Discord Server! (Updated invite code + Affiliates!)

edited the invite code once more since it redirected to the wrong channel :U

I can’t open the specified access. :frowning:

Edit: NVM. I got in~ :slight_smile:

We changed the invite code, yet again lmao. People are still more than welcome to join!

New code, everything should be 100% fixed this time around. :smiley:


Hi! Could I get a discord invite please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I have an invite too?

I’m getting ‘Invite Invalid’.

@Rebelgirl @Sceptile @obieblu I’m very sorry but the server is experiencing some spamming problems. We have to take the invite down temporarily because someone keeps using it to bother members and the mods. But we will 100% put it up again and tag you the moment Discord replies and the problem is solved. We’re very sorry about this D:


I know I’m a little late, but can I get a invite too? I brought timbit’s. . .

Me too please!

Hey guys! The new link is in the first post, but here it is too:

@Rebelgirl @Sceptile @obieblu @JESTERBoi @Beestlet
Sorry it took so long. We didn’t have much luck getting help out of Discord…


Woot, thanks @Jessicanity!

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Thanks for tagging me!

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Hello! So we fixed up a few things on the server for easier access, so new invite!!!

Is the discord server like a secret VIP club or something where only the cool kids can hang out?

Yes, super secret and super exclusive with only 410 members and a public invite lmao. Everyone’s welcome, of course :D!!! No requirement to get in, just be a CoG fan who wants to talk with others who share similar interests, and voila :D!!!

Hello! So we thought it would be best to include a list of current admins, in case anyone had questions about the server, its rules, or how to join!

We currently have eight admins:

Feel free to message any of us if you have any questions!!!


Hello! So we’ve started a new thing, where we link to other CoG Discord servers in exchange for ours being linked somewhere on theirs! If any authors or people with fan servers here want to affiliate with us, feel free to message me or another one of the mods :D!!

List of Affiliated Servers:

:small_orange_diamond:Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil:
:small_orange_diamond:Shepards of Haven:
:small_orange_diamond:Model Citizens: Unmasked:
:small_orange_diamond:A ‘Regular’ Life in New York: