Welcome @Mary_Duffy to Choice of Games


Hello all!

As you may know, we put out a call to find an Editorial Assistant last month. At long last, the relevant paperwork is signed, and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of @Mary_Duffy. (Come Monday the 6th, anyway.)

Please feel free to welcome her to the community, but be aware that one of her responsibilities will be to help keep you reprobates in line.


OMG @Mary_Duffy, thank god you’re here! Save us from the tyrannical rule of @jasonstevanhill! :smile:

But seriously, welcome!


She was hired, in part, to provide a “kindler, gentler” face to that tyrannical rule of mine, @fantom.


We are saved!
The tyranny of @jasonstevanhill is over.
I may no longer have to fear the banhammer so immensely! :smiley:


Woohoo, yet another person to try and avoid getting on the wrong side of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Mary_Duffy Anyway, welcome to this small and lovable (be it at times slightly dysfunctional) community. :confetti_ball:

@faewkless I’m quite sure she’ll be more than happy make an exception for you at that point :smiling_imp:


Uh, no. You should still fear the banhammer.

It’s just that there’s someone who might better explain it’s use or have more patience for warning you before it is used.

See, your pitiful cries and wailings do not move my heart of stone.


:sweat_smile: so lets be friends everyone.
Welcone to a world of choices @Mary_Duffy


Welcome @Mary_Duffy!!!


Felicitations and welcome @Mary_Duffy


Welcome @Mary_Duffy!


Welcome aboard @Mary_Duffy.


Welcome to COG forums @Mary_Duffy hope you enjoy the current WIP which are amazing!


Welcome, @Mary_Duffy! :sparkles:


Yay! Another authority figure to smart off to obey without question!

Welcome to the forum, @Mary_Duffy!


Welcome @Mary_Duffy!
Here’s the lowdown: We, the forum-goers, will be content, happily going about our business, then–and this is the fun part-- you jump from around the corner, brandishing a hammer over 3 times as big as you’re tall along with an oversized and garishly coloured mask, scream “Oogah boogie boogah!”, and half us will scatter away for our lives and the other half us will look at you thinking that you’ve watched too much “Ghost Hunters”.

Anyway, welcome to the club.


Welcome and congrats on the new position.


Welcome to the wonderful world of rainbows, kittens, death and Choice of Games @Mary_Duffy


Welcome and congrats!


Congrats @Mary_Duffy!! :smile:


Welcome, I hope she doesn’t have anything against poison or evil charismatic role-playing characters I hope so :crying_cat_face: