So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Howdy Forum Friends,

Time has come for me to bid the Choice of Games team adieu. I have loved my time here and working with the CoG staff, moderators, authors, and reviewers so much, but the time has come for me to move onto new lands.

Please know that everyone behind the curtain is working ridiculously hard, and if only for me y’all should endeavor to treat them with kindness. I have been in the industry for a few years now and there is a lot of heart working to make all of this happen. I am leaving on good terms with much love for the Choice of Games team, and I do plan on coming back with a game or two of my own :wink: So please be gentle and kind to each other after I leave.

If you would like to follow my adventures in the future you can catch me on Twitter and I do want to continue streaming on Twitch, though I will be changing gears to more crafting and writing content.

To all the authors with games currently in the queue, you should have already heard about this from me and know where to direct your future correspondence. For those looking to submit a game please send them to the hg-submissions AT choiceofgames DOT com address. If y’all have any other questions for me I will be lurking this thread tomorrow, but after EOD January 28 you’ll have to try your luck with Twitter.

Much love to you all. Catch you on the flip side.


Awww best of luck in your future endeavors, you’ll be missed! :heart:


I was wondering about you actually since I noticed you weren’t a moderator on Reddit anymore. I’m glad everything seems to be okay.

We’ll miss your positivity and enthusiasm around here, but I hope whatever lies ahead for you next is amazing! And I for one will be looking forward to that game or two you have planned. :heart:


Absolutely love the Douglass Adams reference. It has insured that I won’t soon forget your departure.

Best of luck with all future endeavors and THE ANSWER IS 42


We will miss you, @KaiDeleon . Best of luck in your future endeavors. :love_letter:

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Good luck out there, and thanks for everything you did for the community!

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Good luck and thanks for all the work!


We at Choice of Games are sad to see you go, Kai! But we are grateful for the time we shared with you, and wish you the best with your new job!