Choice of Games has a new forum


As you might have noticed, we have a new forum! Take a look around!

If you’re having trouble logging in, try resetting your password. If you’re still having trouble, email us at


This topic is now a banner topic. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


Cool look.
Just finding my way around the new forum.


It looks nice, just need to look around since its all new


Woah this is gonna take some getting use to


Why!!! I love vanilla. It took me forever to log in. It didn’t recognise my password. Oh well. Good security is better than getting hacked. And vanilla was a bit buggy.


I think that Discourse is an improvement in just about every area.


Hmm… I feel like something didn’t load with all this empty white space. I liked the old one but change is always weird anyway. We’ll get used to it.


The new forum is a bit…new…my eyes are so confused.


What bothers me slightly is the scrolling system that this new forum uses instead of the pages like the old one.
When I want to find a link to work in progress game i now have to scroll all the way back instead of just looking at the top of the page this is annoying, at leat to me.


I’m sorry to say but it looks awful. There’s no oversight any more, before there was a handy list on your right with favorites and what not. And yeah I’m not crazy about the scrolling or the awful white on white either. And then it used my email as my name after I had had to reset my password! That was a big scare that was. >:(


@MutonElite @idonotlikeusernames well they have a little scroll device on the bottom right of the screen where you can jump to the top (for mobile version at least)

The only problems I seem to have is the absence of the sidebar and the color. Call me crazy but I miss the blue scheme. It was relaxing


@dfabulich This is minor, but can you make it so that clicking links opens in a new page? That’s what I prefer, anyway, don’t know about others.


Yes, you can do that in your preferences. There’s a checkbox for “Open all external links in a new tab”.


Ah, that must be new with Discourse.


I wouldn’t mind this as much if I could actually login in with my old account. My password isn’t working so I guess I’ll need a new one. And since I have no idea how to pm anyone this was about as close as I could email doesn’t actually work that I put for my old account. I have a new one that works though. I was Razgriz before this. Would it work if I had the new password sent to my new email address?


We can change the email address on your old account. Email support and we’ll talk about it.


Thank you for the assistance :slight_smile: as for the new look of things…the Orange is a bit meh don’t much care for it. But I haven’t seen all of this yet so maybe the looks won’t be everything. I’m still getting used to the new way of getting to discussions though, I’m so used to just clicking the all discussion tab on the right. Also anyone who’s looking at this via mobile switch to mobile view. I didn’t know about it at first so I had a difficult time typing out a message that I couldn’t see.


Functionally Discourse is a good improvement, I can’t fault it there (as Vanilla was an absolute bugfest and felt old and outdated) but as I’ve already said I feel like the aesthetics could do with a lot of work. I’m also not overly keen on this constant scroll thing, if pagination is a viable option, I’m definitely in favour of it.


I suppose I’ll get used to the new forums eventually :slight_smile: Although I have to agree with what a couple other people have said and ask that if pagination is available, please make it an option. Not having it makes going through a lot of the longer threads a huge pain. Also, is there anyway to get it to to highlight your threads/posts like it used to?