New Discourse Feature

So, a small change to discourse has come up that I would be interested in knowing how useful is for people in Discourse. We used to not have any real walk-through for using the forums, but now when signing on a bot will start walking you through the basic features of the site. If you signed on before discobot was a thing, you can still start the tutorial by saying:

@discobot start new user and after that you can start the advanced tutorial with @discobot start advanced user.

(As a secondary thing regarding people being locked out of editing WiPs, I turned off the timer on that, so unless there’s some unforeseen problem, that should no longer be a thing.)


So the original poster will not need to turn the first post into a wiki any longer, correct?

Correct. I’m experimenting a little with various forum features and that was one I couldn’t really justify a reason for leaving as is, since the window was already so big. (In practice, all posts should now be editable for forever.)


Dies this extend to thread titles as well?

I’m almost certain? There wasn’t a separate option for them. Specifically I believe what the case was before was that all users could edit there posts for X amount of time (so many months), but Regular(?) users could edit thread tiles, that is any thread titles, including there own, (to help with keeping the forum clean), so they couldn’t edit their post, because no one could, but they could edit the thread titles because they could edit anyones.


Thanks for letting us know, @RETowers.

So, in honor of the new discobot feature, may I present…

Rise of the Discobots!
Discobot Funkytown

Discobot Inferno

Discobot Le Freak

Discobot Heart of Glass

Discobot Groove Thing


Yes, a regular had the ability to edit all thread titles, no matter the age. The Original Poster (assuming regular status) only had the time limit of the Original Post to do so.

I think this will help people keep better beta threads because now they should be able to include changelogs etc in the updated post.

Thanks for enabling this for everyone - although now I won’t feel as helpful to others. lol. :smile:


What a helpful tutorial…the basic one has all kinds of useful information and walk-throughs (including some things I think I only discovered after I’d been on this version of the forum for months, or more). Plus it’s amusing. Bravo, Discourse staff.

Edit: I found the advanced tutorial slightly less useful; it had rather fewer ‘lessons’ and seemed unbalanced compared to the basic version. Maybe a few additional formatting tricks—spoilers or code, for instance—would have balanced it out, or tags that only work via html like strikethrough.


Yea, I believe it’s still a work in progress.

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Do that works?

@discobot start new user

Edit: Ooooh, it’s a fun PMing :heart: :heart:

@discobot start advanced user
Edit2: It appears I’ve to make a new reply to start that one :confused:


You can also start them by sending a PM to Discobot and typing the relevant text in the PM.


@discobot is here to serve

sorry had too.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Is Disco Bot helpful in any way?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Is Disco Bot inspirational? :thinking:

@discobot quote

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:left_speech_bubble: Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from not and make a brand new ending. — Carl Bard


Has there been an update - I can no longer use [quote] [/quote] and other formatting commands to easily type responses and posts.

strong text emphasized text are the same but:


is not. I don’t like this blockquote command at all.

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It looks like [quote][/quote] now need to be on separate lines from the rest of the text.

So this still appears to work…

This would be a quote.

as in

But not [quote]This would not be a quote.[/quote]

I also noted in another thread that this new update has made it so apostrophes and quotation marks automatically curl: that’s “true”

Furthermore, I noticed issues with some uses of the spoiler command… [spoiler]namely it doesn’t work across lines.

Like this.[/spoiler]

I think that’s new, but I’m not positive :confused:

Of these, I like the apostrophe and quotation mark changes, but not the quote command or spoiler command changes (assuming the spoiler one is in fact new :thinking:)


We all hate changes.

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