New: Tagging Topics

Hey, a quick note that we’ve enabled tagging topics. e.g. This topic is tagged as #new-forum-features::tag. To prevent redundant tags, only old community members can create them. That said you can add any already created tag to your topics. If you want a new tag, just go ahead and ask me (make sure to @RETowers me), or others may volunteer to help.


You can add them when you select to change topic name it now has a tag field

You can also ask me to create ( appropriate ) tags for you with @DUNGEON_MASTER


I’m happy to create new (relevant) tags for askers, if needed; summon with @Fiogan or feel free to PM me.

If you’re wondering what tags might be helpful for your WiP (or whatever else) and are coming up blank, there’s an extensive list of tags on @dashingdon’s front page, under ‘Filter Games by Category Tags’.


I am also able to help tag topics for people that ask nicely.

Be sure to notify anyone with a trust level of “regular” or higher if you wish to change tags, folks, if you can’t do it on your own! (Trust level can be found by going into someone’s profile)

A little tidbit about trust level for the uninformed, courtesy of @RETowers:


This is cool. Should we have any guidelines on what makes an appropriate tag, preventing duplicates (meaning) and over saturation etc? Or are we just going off of common sense for now?


Currently I’m hoping it’s intuitive enough that we can just go off common sense. If it comes to it I’ll tweak the requirements and put in guidelines, but for now, hopefully that’s not necessary.


BTW, while in the topic, what are the differences between “gender-choice” and “customizable-pc”?

I’ve the feeling that the scope of gender-choice < customizable-pc, unless I’m mistaken that customizable-pc is in no way related to gender-choice.

I’m just feeling “eh” if your story has the element of gender-choice, the customizable-pc should follows. And vice-versa.

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Long story short, highly customizable pc would not fit in the 20 character count. Feel free to come up with a better way of saying AFGNCAAP. I mean, I could say AFGNCAAP, but there’s no way to explain tags in a clear spot, so I’m hesitant to use terms not everyone will get. Is high-customization better?

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I think the term PC needs to be in there.

“customizable-pc” is an existing tag … or am I not understanding the question?

@Szaal noted that customizable-pc really applies to those with only a gender-choice, whereas the idea for the first tag is those that go a bit beyond gender and name. It’s just a matter of semantics, I don’t think it’s a huge issue, but definitely something that could perhaps be better clarified.

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I thought the tag: “gender-choice” covered that…

It’s not immediately clear; that IS a form of PC customization, so could cause confusion. It’s an edge case, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t hurt to clarify. Perhaps even just renaming it “gender-choice-only”?

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I don’t know; that might make it sound like that was the only choice in the entire game.

On another note, are there plans to add genre-related tags (e.g. “Fantasy”, “Sci-Fi”, “Superheroes”, etc.)?


Good point…! D: fydiscourse

The game I’m working on has political fiction tag and I’ve seen historic-fantasy and super-powers tags too

Okay, that’s weird. Initially, the only tags that were available to me were “nonbinary-inclusive”, “gender-choice”, “customizable-pc”, “mature-content”, and “gender-locked-male”. In order to get any other tag, I have to start typing it, which means that I’d have to know in advance that such a tag exists. :confused:

By clicking that tag option below users shows you all of the available tags


Would blank-slate-pc work better? Hm, as much as the nerd in me wants it to be tabula-rasa-pc I know that’s shutting some people out of understanding. Maybe also custom-pc-appearance? Like, I’m more interested in it being used for sorting things people want/don’t want to see. (e.g. I’ve stated repeatedly I dislike customizing appearance because 9/10 times making it look anything like me because of my heritage.)


Would it even need “pc” in there? If I saw the tag custom-appearance, I wouldn’t think it was talking about anyone but the MC.