Question about romance catagory in WIP creation

I was playing around inside the selecter for catagories and such, but I can’t find the option to put romance in. While this game. Freehold, I am leaning towards you, if you want, or if your playthrough happens to have your MC as a particularly abrasive asshole, can have a platonic option, romance is going to be a rather large part. Relationships, and so forth. Anyway. How do you find the romance option? What catagory is it in?
Anyway. Just a random question. I put it game develupment, just cause technicly it’s a game develupment thing? Sort of? If wrong, please PM me. Anyway. By for now.

Actually I had the same problem and somehow it only worked when I entered romance before I added any other genre to the WIP.

Hope that helps!

Oh yeah, I think we had similar issues with Discourse’s tagging system a couple years back. I’m not sure if it was ever resolved or not.

If you, or anyone else, have any issues with your topic’s tags/categories, feel free to contact me or any of other our wonderful mods for help.

Additionally, regulars and leaders can also recategorize topics according to their best judgement.

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I’ve changed the post category to #meta as this is a question for a thread’s tag.

“Romance” belongs to the tag group “genre”, meaning it can’t exist simultaneously with other tags of the same group: hi-fantasy, sci-fi, modern-fan, etc.