New: Tagging Topics

To paraphrase Jean-Luc Picard: “Make it so!” :thumbsup:

Ok, then why not just make a “tag FAQ” so that people can read detailed explanations about what tags mean, if they want to?

Edit: So like when you click on a tag, for example mature-content and it goes to this page, maybe you could have some sort of a sticky explaining what the tag means?

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Difficulty of finding it (without making it so prominent as to be obnoxious [we have too many stickies as it is]), and difficulty getting users to read what is already basic rules on the forum as it stands.

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Then perhaps edit the HTML of the tag-specific page to show an explanation of the tag before it shows the list of posts that the tag is found in?

This can work for tags that you expect to be permanent ones.

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Yea, that’s a solid week+ project I don’t have time for. I’d have to figure out how Discourse plugins work, and then I’d have to improve on their system.

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Ahh ok, no problem then.
But just for reference, here’s what a tag page looks like right now:


and this is how I envisioned changing it (this is obviously a very rough sketch):



So the problem is distinguishing non-locked-gender vs. customizable-pc, right?

Hmm, Hmmmm… Hmmmm.
*hmm-ing intensifies

I think… the proper tag would be custom-appearance (as mentioned by @ParrotWatcher) and… non-locked-gender? choose-pc-gender? pc-customization? role-playing?
gender-inclusive? :frowning_face:

Ah, I’m throwing everything I’ve on my mind.


Non-gender-locked and customizable-pc seems reasonable to me

Non gender locked meaning basic choices including gender choice

Customizable-pc meaning some more " additional " choices like background , parents , profession , and other game specific choices that give MC a more personal feel.


So sorry to butt in on the topic, but I’ve a quick question about the tags (or well, one specific tag) and I’m thinking this is the right place to ask?

For the tag ‘super-powers’, my first assumption was that it was for games where the MC is the one with the super powers or the ability to gain powers later… But I’m wondering, now, if that would still apply to my WiP, then? In which the MC does not have powers nor will they have the ability to gain powers later on, but many other characters do have super powers.

I wouldn’t want to confuse/mislead others into thinking that it was a WiP in which the MC got to have powers as well, so I’m not entirely sure if the tag applies, or if I should just leave it out?


Either way you decide is valid in my eyes. Super-powers is an attractive genre for many in the community, so I’d put it there if I were making the choice. :gift_heart:

btw: glad you are back and writing :slight_smile: I enjoy your project as does many others.


Alright! Sounds good!

Thank you for your help!

D’aww, geez, I’m flattered! Thank you! (Again! :blush:)

I’m happy to be back!


Quick question. All my (solo) works are set in the same world that I call Aeradoth, so would it be ok to make an Aeradoth tag? Currently only have 2 on the Forum itself but have a few other games written and since each of them is in the same world I was wondering if that would be appropriate.

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I think, it’s ok to do that…

I mean, nothing wrong with it, but you’d probably want to build a bigger audience or flesh-out your world more. It’s kinda a waste if you make a tag that isn’t used that much, don’t you think?


Okay these new restrictions and no grace periods on post editing are seriously annoying, there used to be a five minute grace period before an edit was used up, now they’re all used up instantly. I don’t want to have to type out all my posts in my office software in the future, so could this possibly be reset to what it used to be?


I’ve turned off the details, that good enough? (I’m not turning back on the grace period because it’s caused some problems.)

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Oh…I’m sure this isn’t helpful, so my apologies, but I actually liked the details rather (I just missed not being able to edit typos without notes right after posting, especially when I’m using a small device, but I can see how the grace period would cause problems). With details on, if someone’s changed a long post I can glance at the changes and see if anything major has been added since I last read it. So—at least if I’m understanding correctly and that’s what ‘details’ are—if that feature is going, I’ll miss it honestly.


I am in a phone and i am not native, i need edit my grammar many times.


Then on really busy days, like today apparently the maximum number of edits will still be reached for too soon for me and I hate typing in my office software it makes anything feel like work and a chore. :disappointed:

What sort of problems did the grace period give? I though it was a nice feature. Well I guess you could just up the max number of edits, but the details don’t really matter to me.


There’s a maximum number of edits!? :fearful:

And I agree with @Fiogan: the details are very useful when you’re trying to figure out what parts of a post you haven’t read yet.


My solution now is not editing so much. But that makes my posts worse . i think edit grammar should be treated differently