Mandatory tags on the forum now?

Is it possible to disable the tags somehow? Lately it seems to be making me pick something and I don’t seem to be able to enter my own. As I only have about 5 to choose from on the automatic list and most of my searches come back negative, I don’t always even have something suitable to choose.
(Edit: seems to only be mandatory for the WIP section as I could get away with not adding one here.)

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I’ve gone into my WIP page, and it seems it can go along without tags.

As for the tag itself, there’re 6 to choose from. I believe the part you mention “mandatory” is to prevent the overflowing number of tags like when it was first introduced (which if IIRC, there was 6x7, plus new one every time the OP made a new one). I prefer the current tag system, tbh.

Huh, that’s weird Szaal. When I’ve made or edited the first post on my WIP threads recently, it won’t let me submit it without a tag. (I was trying mythology, fantasy, WIP etc with no luck.) I seemed to get a few choices that were something like adult, female protagonist, gender choice, young fiction… and I forget the other two or three. The one I just put up doesn’t have much in the way of character creation being short but I had to label it as gender choice anyway.

Well, I’m editng my old WIP page, that is.

After you said that, I really wanted to try to make a new WIP page to test it out :grimacing:

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Did you try the first post? It made me edit Oedipus’ one to include a tag as well when I updated the first post. If not, maybe it’s just me and I’m just on probation for setting too many new tags in the past :smile:
(Edit- yep just checked. It’s still set that way for me.)

Ey? Hang on a sec.

I’m on mobile, so instead of editing the first post, I edited via the :pencil2: pencil button beside the title.

Here’s how it looks.

And yes, I can tap on any tags, delete them, and tap the :heavy_check_mark: confirm button.

Maybe because my page has been wikified?

No idea, could be :slight_smile: This is what mine have been looking like lately.

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Ah, I see it now.
It takes a courage to do it, but I think I know exactly what do you mean.

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I think my favorite part of that post was where “asdfasdf” is apparently similar to two beta testing threads on this forum :smile:

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You have to put something in the tag space but you can put in your own … I suggest using “none” … as you can see by my test, that works.

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It seems as though WIPs are required to have at least one tag:


None works. Thanks Eiwynn :slight_smile: (It doesn’t seem to let me type other words and enter them, but none will work just fine.)

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Somewhat related: why did all the genre tags disappear? I’m pretty sure my WIP had a superpowers tag or something close to that and now I can’t find that tag anymore.

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It appears that @RETowers are reworking tags and their categories … in that same link you posted she talks about resetting categories, so my guess is there will be some uniform tagging list going live “soon.”

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Yes, at least one tag is mandatory now. When you tag things, the most used ones will appear first, but you can type in other tag names to use them, and since #gender-choice and #interest-check are always in that top used list, you’ll always have an indication of at least two that you can use. (Meaning even if you’re a low enough trust level you can’t create tags, you can always at least get a good enough idea for one that you aren’t locked out of creating a game.)

And no, don’t use junk tags, actually tag your works, it’s not difficult.

@EclecticEccentric If I see duplicate tags (e.g. a superpowers and super-powers tag) I’ll go and fix it manually, but if something is tagged with multiple genres, I’ll remove them down to one, due to text size constraints. When Discourse eventually releases a tag description update (or I get some time to develop it myself), I’ll go in and manually update every tag so that there can be more.

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Isn’t creating new tags limited to regulars and leaders? I though that was the case. So I suppose someone with a lower rank who wants their WiP to have a tag that doesn’t currently exist would need to ask for assistance? :sweat_smile:

How would you like people to tag cross-genre WiPs?

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Pick one? Functionally I can make a #cross-genre tag if people would prefer that. That said, my main concern (i.e. the thing you’ll have to convince me of if you want a change) is that some tags that I consider more important (#gender-choice, #nonbinary-inclusive, #interest-check) will get dropped in favor of tagging every single possible genre.

Also, my only toggle is “One” or “As many as you want”, which is annoying, but how it functionally is.

Actually now that I’ve seen the list, “none” is a valid preset option so I’m guessing regulars can’t create new tags.

@RETowers I didn’t think I was using “junk tags”. I just couldn’t find one on the list that fitted the WIP I had and was searching for terms (I didn’t know about the “none” tag) and was concerned about people having to mislabel because one was required. I also used to find being able to enter a genre tag useful for seeing what a WIP was about at a glance (ie sci-fi, steampunk, historical, mythology etc), probably more so that the gender-choice tag since that is what fits most games around here, and the ones labeled as restricted to male/female are the ones that stand out. I can see how it could be open to abuse though if WIP’s are being labeled with about 10 different tags each.

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I don’t believe there is any game which at least one tag doesn’t fit, even if you limit that to just current tags.

I know, I was just explaining where I was coming from and why I was looking for other tags as I couldn’t find one to suit or the option to turn them off when I made this post. I wasn’t asking for what I thought were junk tags, although I actually do miss the broad genre tags and I didn’t know about the “none” tag when I wrote the original post. I had my WIP under “gender-choice” but for me, gender choice means you designate a gender/character creation, where as this game just doesn’t specify one, so I didn’t think it was quite correct and I’ve since changed it to “none”. I hadn’t seen your post explaining what was going on until it was pointed out to me, and when I did a search for “tags”, although that thread did turn up, it was labeled by the first post which was a year ago so I didn’t think to check it assuming it was an old post and I’d only noticed the changes recently. Anyway, I didn’t want to create an argument, I’m happy now that I know what the list I have to choose from now is.