Little Art and Appreciation event?


with the deadline is 2 days away… im afraid i wouldn’t be able to finish it on time. so for now i’ll just post a small piece from my unfinished-Tokyo Wizard-fanart XD–story by @adrao. btw, this is not my art for Valentine event XD so sorry) and keep in mind its stiil Work-in-progress, so please ignore her hair and apparel XD


Here’s some weird symbolic shit for my PC from Choice of Rebels, Fenrir Thresher.

Given the time (or energy, or paper space) I’d love to do something with more shading or color and maybe something from an actual scene.


Damn, I love the rough linework and how it compliments the theme of your piece, bruh.


Thanks bruh, I was hoping to give that affect


Very talented work @leo -if you ever do a more detailed version, I do hope you share it with us too.


I definitely will. I’m sure I’ll get around to other CoG/HG fanart as well :slight_smile:


It’s not a V-Day submittion since mine has been done since last week, but! If we’re sharing MCs…

I remember saying somewhere that I preferred to play burly guys.

Thought I’d share this one that’s been done a couple weeks at least. :slight_smile:


Done way before, but it was rushed and pretty messed up, but finished and sort of cleaned now. so not qualified as a submission.
It’s Curious cuisine’s S/O’s and my MC in their hero suits.


Good idea for the event, i never do a fan art for a game, but recently i see a very good WIP game in the forum and decide to do some drawings for it.
This is two fan arts i made for a WIP Game called “The Oval Office” write by @Spyder (Justice Bolden), in this game your MC is the President of United States and you need to conduct the Country, i like very much the demo because your MC have so much options of customization, family, job before the presidency, and other things, my imersion in the demo when i played it it’s one of the most goods i have too :smile:
Link for the WIP forum post: The Oval Office : Latest Update - 5 December 2017
Link for the demo:




Dang, everybody’s art look so cool


I’ve just found this today. It’s a great idea! It’s hard to find fanart and fanfics for COG and HG on other sites.
All the lovely art and MCs. I love them all :heart:
So I guess I’ll share something too.
It’s a SPOILER for Samurai of Hyuga ending though! Consider yourselves warned :smiley:


Saw your art over on the SoH Fanart thread. It’s lovely AND a very good piece emotionally speaking, since it conveys the sheer trauma of that scene perfectly in my eyes! Great job!


Thank you, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile: I was struggling with it a lot so I’m glad that I was finally able to give it some emotion. :smile:


Unfortunately, this picture still isn’t showing when I click the “Spoilery Art” button. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

Edit: Never mind. It’s working now… And it’s awesome! :grin:


In the end, I ended up being really busy, and then getting sick. :face_with_thermometer:
So no art from me. This time at least.


I kinda want to do a choice of robot fan art but since I’m super lazy and I don’t have enough time, so I just quickly drew a teenager version of my mc (cuz adults takes crazy amount of time to draw) with sloppy rendering :confused:

(and yes, this is how I imagine my robot on my evil run)


That’s… amazing.

On another note-- HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, people! Hope y’all have a good one with the persons you love, or if you don’t have anyone/aren’t interested in relationships, hope you have a good day anyway!


aw thx, I always have a thing for cute little thingy destroying the world :clown_face:
(wait, does that sound weird?)
and yeah, happy valentine’s day!


A Valentine fan art for The Wayhaven Chronicles:heart:
My F!MC x Unit Bravo

I honestly wanted to quote it from the original thread but I dont know how to😂


Is ah, is fanfiction acceptable?