CCH Summer Art Contest - Winners announced on Post 29!


I’m starting judging for the art contest a day early because my wife will be out of town tomorrow and my morning will be nuts with my girls, work, etc. A few rules on voting:

  1. Vote for TWO entries.
  2. Judging ends on Friday, August 10th at 11:59 PM EST
  3. You can vote only once per platform, but you can vote on all four platforms (CoG forums, website, Twitter, Facebook) if you’d like.
  4. One last thing, please don’t copy/save any of the art. I’m spending $175.00 of my own money on prizes, and I own the rights to the art entries. I anticipate putting at least one of these on Red Bubble for merchandise as I did with the last contest.

Entry numbers are:

  1. Crook v. Manipulator
  2. Uni
  3. Lady Ash
  4. Monstrosity X
  5. Crook Massage
  6. Speck 7 Influenced by Friendzone
  7. DG’s Party
  8. Synergy and MC Lunch at Tyler Park


Bump! Just 37 short days left!

There is no chance for a fanfic contest, is there?

Also, good luck and godspeed to all entering :smiley:

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Bump! Only a few weeks left and I only have two entries so far! Does no one want my money?? $175 in total prizes!

@MeltingPenguins well judging would take a lot longer. But the bigger issue is while I do not discourage fan fiction, I also do not want to solicit it. People with deep understanding of copyright law have vastly different positions on this.


I see. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

One last bump! Just a week until it ends!

Public judging will take place from Monday, Aug 6th through Friday, Aug 10th on FB, Twitter, the website, and on the CoG forums.

Well, we’re up to 5 entries, but I was hoping for more!

There’s still a few days left to submit an entry! Someone is going to win $100 of my hard-earned moolah.


Voting is underway! Poll is here!

  • Crook v. Manipulator
  • Uni
  • Lady Ash
  • Monstrosity X
  • Crook Massage
  • Speck 7 Under Friendzone Influence
  • DG’s Party
  • Synergy and MC Lunch at Tyler Park

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Hi. I mean no disrespect but I thought I just had to bring this up. I agree all the entries are beautifully done and I understand how much time and effort each artist has dedicated to their entries. However, I noticed that many entries do not feature particular scenes from CCH2. Although they looked better than some of the entries that stuck to the rules, it was clear in the details of the contest that “Each entry must capture a scene from CCH2”.

I’m an artist and have joined many contests myself (not this one though) , and I know how it feels to do something that has specifics (in this case, a particular scene from the book) and on the other hand, doing something without limitations and being able to freely express your creativity and imagination.

I don’t know if anyone else shares my sentiments. But I think it’s not fair for those who have worked really hard to capture a scene from the game. I hope this contest ends well and fairly for those who joined.


What are you talking about? Which one is not in CCH2?

Uni’s the only one not in cch2.

And sorry to be nitpicky, wasn’t lady ash a burn victim? Did i misread that? I mean it’s a good pic…

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I was absolutely generous in allowing all of them, but with only 8 entries, I really wanted everyone to have their shot at being judged. And the Uni pic was drawn by a child, so yes she gets special consideration.

And yes, Lady Ash is hot/cute in the submitted pic, and in the story she wheezes and speaks through an electro-larnyx, so not exactly as I described her, but again I’m leaving judging up to the readers. If someone doesn’t think a particular entry is enough of a “scene,” they can certainly vote for a different one.


Ah, i was wondering if i was mixing up characters Dx

And aww at uni

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I though Lady Ash was too beautiful lol. Still good drawing

WHAT??? THERE IS A CONTEST ART FOR CCH!!! I DIDN"T KNOW ABOUT THIS!!! QAQ (i would like to join, oh well… i’ve been gone for so long that i miss so much info :cry:)

I probably need to make it an every summer thing, so people know to expect it then. My last contest was spring of 2017 so yeah I have been all over the place on scheduling.

But anticipate another art contest in summer 2019!

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Seeing the low turnout was surprising. Especially considering how many new artists seemed to join the forum’s. It makes me kinda nervous of my own follow up competition once my sculpture prize is finished.

But also am hoping to have it running for an entire month for max exposure.

Yeah I was a little surprised too. I started promoting it 6 weeks ago. Maybe that was too long? Heck, I more than doubled the prizes from last time, and last time I had 13 entries. I was guessing I’d get 15 at least. I know it’s summer and people are out doing things though.


I think it might have to do with a lot of people being on holiday. Maybe?


for me i just got lost where to send the art,maybe needs more clarification next time