UnNatural Competition #2 (2017)

Hi my fellow COGgers.

Tis a new year with a new determined goal. So I believe now is the time to do a second competition.

Firstly thy shall be two categories; fan art or fan fiction. Each shall have a winner, a runner up and an honourable mention.

The prize shall be the ability to request a friendship/relationship scene to be added to the updates to season one. Also the winner will be able to work with me to create a brand new azure or shade ability.

Fancy a chance at winning? Then the guidelines below will be useful.

Fan art; a picture or single page comic of your favourite character(s).

Fan fiction; a short story about your MC and their interaction with your favourite character(s) during a case of your choice (from season one).

The first competition did very well and produced some amazing entries, so I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Sam Kabell

Deadline for entries is 31/01/17


The moment I’ve been waiting for for ages: the author asking me to show them fan fiction.


Oh my… last time I played unatural was when it was, well, not finished yet. I’ll see what I can do.

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Hmmmmmm been about a year since I played guess I’d better go back and remind myself of all the specifics first


4 days to go and no entrants in either category yet. Here’s hoping for a spurt in the last few days :slight_smile:

So would entries be submitted here or linked or some third option?

You can either pm me or link your entry here. Whichever is easier for you.

My submission contains the clearly greatest character you have penned, there can be no alternative.

Final day and 2 entries for the fan fiction. I’ll extend the deadline for one more week to give people a chance to get their entries in.

Thanks for the 2 entries so far.

Is there a limit on entries or can I use this week to assemble a drawing for the other half of this contest?

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You can submit 1 entry for each.

So are winners getting announced soon?

Sorry got a bit delayed. Only had 3 entries so been trying to find the fairest way of judging it. I think a winner and runner up wouldn’t be fair as the third place might be really close. Tbh I might just give the prize to all three I’ll let you all know on Friday.

Okay as there weren’t enough entries to deal with the competition fairly. I’ve decided that both @justin and @Baam and @Nathan_Faxon who was the sole entry last attempt for second contest all automatically win for actually spending time to write something.

Just pm with an idea for the scene with your chosen character then we can work on planning it.

Jesus Christ has it really been 6 years since the release of the first part of Unnatural? Time flies by I guess
I look forward to part 2 if it ever comes out, the monsters sound much more varied luckily
My soul shall vacate my body when you manage to ressurect this wonderful story

It’s not been dropped its just been delayed due to personal resson. I’m actually now working on season two after a year of working hard on season one after hiring an editor and doing a lot of edits.


I never knew that two sentences could hype me up so much. Welp, time to go replay the first one.