IF Comp entry (completed and entered into the competition) - Cecilia Rosewood - Link in post 40


I hope to participate in this year’s IF Comp, and could use some feedback. I’m looking for about five dedicated people who can help me make the game as good as it can be in the limited amount of time I’ve got left. Games can be entered until the 28th of September, so it’s only a less than a month long commitment for whoever volunteers. Because of the time constraints I’ll be very picky when it comes to picking testers.

The title of the game is Not Another Hero.

The game is set in a world where people suddenly began developing super powers and were able to freely play hero and villain for about a year. Then this came to an abrupt end in an event that would later become known as the ‘Great Fall’. In short, their powers went wild, leaving destruction wherever they were.

It is now a couple of years later, and the MC just finished their training to become a member of the Anomaly Supervision and Containment Division. This division is tasked with dealing with Anomalies (people with super powers), their tasks ranging from collecting fines and guard jobs to hunting down and if necessarily killing the most dangerous ones.

At the moment the game is about 10000 words long, and I hope to be able to add at least 40000 more before the end of the competition.

If you’re interested in testing, please leave a comment on this thread.


I’d be glad to help rosemod!

If you’d have me of course.


If u like i dont mind helping out, it sound interesting


Sure, I’m free to test.


Could i? PLEASE :pray:


When Mara offers to test, you don’t say no. (Even if it’s just to avoid poisoned tea :stuck_out_tongue:)


I should be able to assist if needed.


scratches chin

Well… Guess I’ll go for ten alpha testers then :wink:


Only 10? This is for SPARTA lovely dragoness! You need 300! XD


Did you bring along 293 other potential testers then, dear @Pace675? :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, Rosemod, keep some for me! :cry:

Good luck for finding 300 unluck-errr brave testers! :stuck_out_tongue:


I can only point out me, myself and I? so there is 3!


I’ll try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Consider the three of you hired :wink:


I’m thinking about beta test something. I have never done it but it seems a good way to support promissing games.

I would like to join the testing if there are still available slots, but I understand if you want someone more experienced.

That being said, if you accept me feel free to add me to the black list if I’m not up to the task. Low level and high level feedback, is that what you want?


Oh, I’m fine with people nitpicking about my grammar too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll add you, and then we’ll see how it goes.


Just don’t use too many :dolphin: … that brings out the dragon-eye.


Sounds awesome - tell me how to access it nd I’ll happily go through it (the storyline sounds pretty damn good).


Are you willing and able to spend hours and hours to comb through my ramblings, make suggestions, ask questions and point out mistakes? :sunglasses:


Reading is literally my life.
Being able to aid and potentially influence a writer?



Well, it’s only a hobby at this point, so being called a ‘writer’ sounds like too much of an honor. :blush: