Super quick beta testers requested for a cozy IF Comp entry

So the IF Comp closes…uh… this Friday. It seems I am highly motivated by deadlines.

I am on draft #3 of “Bali B&B”; a very cozy, real-world tale of running a Bed & Breakfast in Indonesia.

It takes about 1.5 hours to play. And yes, there are (optional) cats in this one (but no images this time).

Here’s my extremely draft-y cover:

If you’d like to beta test it, please PM me or email and I’ll send you the link asap. (Don’t forget to tell me what name you’d like in the credits.)

Thank you in advance! As usual at this time of year, I am panicking :slight_smile:


I won’t say anything specific here but I enjoyed testing this a great deal! Sending all the crossed fingers and good luck for the comp!


I don’t have unfortunately have time to playtest, but I’m also doing last minute work on my IFComp entry for this year. (See also: “I don’t unfortunately have time…” :laughing: )

Good luck! :slight_smile:

ETA: I think the deadline is Thursday the 28th, by the way… although if you’re not in the US you probably do have until Friday, since it’s not until 11:59 PM Eastern time!


I actually really like the cover :slight_smile:
TBH I’m sadly unlikely to have time to finish this beta this as I’m looking pretty busy the next few days otherwise I’d jump at the chance. (If you want to send it to me I can try, but not sure if I will get there sorry!)
Otherwise look forward to seeing it in the comp!


Good luck for IFComp! I’m not good enough to send in anything- my only incomplete piece is reserved for Bare Bones Jam. But I’m sure it’s going to be as good as your previous works!

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Haha! Yep I missed the deadline AGAIN but luckily I was uploading the dashingdon link periodically so the game still made it into the comp.



Oh phew! Looking forward to seeing all of them up tomorrow!

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Looking forward to checking out it!

I finished uploading James’s and my game file to my site with 17 seconds to go before the deadline–cutting it a little close even for me! (Although it sounds like maybe ifcomp isn’t as strict about updates as some of the game jams on itch?)

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I’m glad it made it into the competition! It was definitely worth playing. :slight_smile:


IF Comp is super duper serious about the deadline! Although they do help with tech issues.

In my case, since I’d already loaded the game on dashingdons and put a link in the description, I was entered despite not making the html file (phew) which they made for me. They’re incredibly kind and helpful, but also extremely fair ie if you miss the deadline by 3 seconds, it would be unfair to let you in and not the others who missed it by five seconds (or whatever).

The rules make it very clear that there are no exceptions.

I was once disqualified due to sharing a public link (instead of private beta-ing), even though data showed that only 2 people had clicked through the link before I took it down.

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I think I saw you have a game up as well. Look forward to checking it out :slight_smile:

As Felicity was saying they are very strict. When I entered I realised there were a few minor things I wanted to last minute change, so uploaded the original, made the changes, then uploaded the new one to replace it just in case I missed the deadline so I’d still have an entry. Really good idea not to leave it close to the deadline as they can miss out which would be a shame.

Good luck with your game Felicity! (By the way for anyone wondering, the game that missed out and was almost an IFComp entry was Flight which I recommend checking out… after the ifcomp games of course :wink: )