Future Games

As the editing of Unnatural season one is nearly over (just got to do one last run through to get the game to be as good as it can be). I thought it’d be nice to reveal my plans for the future…

Secret Game a game I am currently writing in CS in prep for it being imported into the visual cyoa system by @bill1903.

This is what I’m writing in NANOWRIMO for. It’s a fantasy style game.

Rookfall my next CS game.

In this game you are a member of a mercenary group and you’ll do jobs while a war rages in the background (the amount of war based jobs is up to you, it’ll be possible to completely avoid taking part in it).

Unnatural-Season Two

The continuation of season one.

Project Jump formerly Project Leap now gone through a plot change

A time travel game. In a future where time travel exists, you are one of the many designated “Hosts” paid a large amount of money 10k dollars for each time someone from the future sends their consciousness into your body. When a unauthorised time jump takes place you find yourself sharing your body with someone who just may be a future terrorist. With the time machine in the future destroyed either way looks like you’ll be sharing your body with them for awhile…

Way of Fighting a potential idea with a working title

A martial arts game where the player is a member of one of ten fictional martial arts schools and you deal with incidents in the martial arts world. (I got the idea for this after reading The Breaker manga. Just would like a proper/fun martial arts cog and TB is enjoyable.

Sounds as you have some major plans. :slight_smile: Looking forward to them.

“visual cyoa system by @bill1903

Could you expand on this for me?


Thanks whether I get around to them all is another story, Unnatural season one has taken me 2 years to do lol


this was an early video of it.

lol The text moves to fast to keep up

Heck I have two years into Ghost, but little to show for it. But hope to get there soon. :slight_smile:


that’s just a test video so I wouldn’t worry too much :slight_smile:

@Nocturnal_Stillness Wow, these all sound like terrific, amazing ideas! I will be looking forward to them all, good luck! By the way, the video also looks really cool!

Looking forward to Rookfall and the Breaker is a pretty good manga/manhwa


Thank you for the interest.


Thanks and yes I’ve read all of The Breaker and now reading through New Waves. The martial arts game won’t portray you as Shioon type character but as an actual member of one of the schools. Most of the plot will be around a tournament but there will be someone going around attacking martial artists and that is a plotline you will be able to follow as well.

I’ve decided to do the opening scenes for Rookfall, Project Jump and Way of Fighting then will have a vote on which one I will continue.

Okay now Unnatural has been submitted I’m working on a project for @bill1903 but I will also do the prologue (character creation) scenes for these ideas then I can do a vote for what to do next.

nocturnal is there any links for any of the games or are they still being worked on

Only a pre demo of Rookfall which is in my topic “questions about this magic system”

Ahh I love that demo it’s really good

Okay the Rookfall Teaser is done.


Project Jump has been dropped as the idea isn’t going the way I wanted. So next will do a teaser for Way of the Fist

@Nocturnal_Stillness Not only are you one hell of a writer, you are one hell of a businessman. You know how to get everybody excited and you do a great job a giving us enough to always leave us wanting more. Well done man, well done.


Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

I like rookfall
I like what you did with the bold and italic choices :relaxed:

Good writing and I do like the means to differ description and actual choices.

@P0RT3R and @derekmetaltron

thanks. I wanted to test that style of choices.