Project Leap

I’ve been a fan of the Sci-fi series “Quantum Leap” since it first started. I’ve been waiting for a game for over a decade. However the ‘Paradox’ topic was bumped recently which kinda reminded me off QL.

So this topic is to announce once I’ve finished “Unnatural season one” I’ll start work on my next game “Project Leap”.

It will be a homage to QL with the PC leaping into people to right wrongs with the help of an advisior who only the player can see or hear.

I know cog wouldn’t host this but I should be able to have it on my website as a free to play fan game.

I plan to have ten leapees (who you leap into) where you’ll see five each play through who you see would be random.

I’m curious how many people would be interested in the idea.

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Sounds awesome! I’m interested.

I an intrigued by this idea as well. I personally have not heard of Quantum Leap before now, but I’m open minded and say go for it and also that I’ll read it.

Sounds cool, I’d play it

I grew up watching the show. Love the idea.

It can be a CS game. Just change the idea enough to make it your own, and don’t use the lingo from the show.


the only term I was going to use was ‘leap’ as I can’t think of another word that best describes what the PC will do. I considered using ‘sync’ instead but that’s used in Assassin’s Creed

Time swap

Or you could call it a time jump and the person whose body the PC jumps into could be called the time period host, or host for short. You could also change the nature of the advisor from QL. You can find other aspects to change, so that it’s clearly not QL, while still using the same basic concepts. Ideas can’t be copyrighted, only the expression of those ideas. So use the same ideas if you want, just express them differently, as @JimD already suggested.

QL was a great show and to actually play a game like it would be fantastic! Also, with each jump leading to a separate story, you could add more content continuously. Start with the initial 10 jumps as you said, then add more over time.

@JimD @andymwhy

Have you seen the film “Source Code” its a similar idea

You’re right! Source Code was good, although at the time I never thought about the connection to QL. What would be your background story between the jumps? Would it be a quest for home, like QL after a mistake of some sort? Or perhaps controlled jumps, trying to right wrongs in the world.

Slightly off-topic, I was thinking the other day about the existence of fate and changing the world via time-travel.
For example, if you knew you were going to die by being hit by a car, then it would be easy to change your future by not walking out into the road. However, for fate to continue as planned, ala the Final Destination movies, you walk out into the road after that car has passed, only to be hit by another car. Hence, fate is restored and your destiny is complete. However, this idea is flawed: What about the drivers of the two cars? The first driver, according to the original script for your fate has had his life completely changed. Instead of the repercussions of killing a person, they live their life normally. Meanwhile, the second driver, who was meant to have a normal life, now finds themselves as a killer facing a prison sentence for manslaughter.

Hence, the idea of fate existing is disproved: but only if time travel is possible.

Or is it?..
…I’ll stop there, but there’s another line of thought after this - but it’s getting too complex to put into words!

@andymwhy the common idea of fate is completely egocentric. Your example demonstrates why.

Well…taking that time travel would drain the entire Earth’s resources to activate, it’s impossible.
Although, if you somehow survived, used the time machine, and went back to BEFORE it was made and stopped progress, you’d have a time machine.
Then again, the whole “can’t be in two places at once” time law would be broken, causing a paradox and killing the entire universe, to start anew, like Adam and Eve.
Basiclly, Time Travel = No.

Urrh there goes my dream of making a time machine…

You can still make it, you’d just die.
Anyone here ever read ‘The Missing’ series?

@Daisuke In real science, the concept of time travel that most people consider ‘real’ is accelerating beyond the speed of light. However, as we approach the speed of light, the amount of energy needed to continue accelerating goes up exponentially until it reaches infinite energy necessary to accelerate to the speed of light.

As for the whole ‘can’t be in two places at the same time’ that’s just a Hollywood convention. Pure plot device, with no connection to reality.

As for what would happen if you went back and stopped yourself from going back in time? That’s the traditional paradox. Have you ever looked at cºntinuum? The basic idea they use is that if you go back in time and do something that would change time, then you don’t succeed. There is always something there to stop you, thwart you, or just make the timeline line up with what it should be. A common joke is “don’t ask us how many time’s we’ve replaced Hitler”.

i cant remember what its called but im pretty sure you know the saying that you go back in time and kill a butterfly and hitler never dies or something equally horrible so i would never go back in time because of the reprucussions that could happen

My views on time travel are that if you did go back in time, then you wouldn’t change anything, because whatever you did when you went back in time is what caused the present to be what it is now. If you hadn’t gone back in time, then things might be different now. So there’s no need to try to go back to change history, because if you did go back, you and your attempts to change history are already a part of history.

@TheKing That’s actually a whole different concept, although it’s commonly used in time travel stories (usually inaccurately). It’s called the “Butterfly Effect” or Chaos Theory. Basically it’s a statement (that becomes more obvious in hindsight) that every action has repercussion which have repercussions which have repercussions and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, to the point where the tiniest of things can be (partially) responsible for huge things.

Just the mere presence of a time traveler would affect the weather. What if you’re presence causes a storm to play out differently, causing someone to die that didn’t historically (or vice versa).

@eposic That’s traditionally how ‘realistic’ time travel would work, and what I think is the most interesting. It’s a lot more thought provoking to see how at the little pieces fall into place.

@eposic thats actually very interesting but the people in the past wouldnt know if you were from the future (unless you told them) until the time comes around when you did go back in time so their could still be repercussions but you do bring up a valid point