Lost in Time (Concept, mostly)

Hello guys! I’m new here :smile:
After playing a few games, I got really addicted and wanted to write my own game. So I started thinking about ideas, got too much of them, and then got the way to ambitious idea I’m stuck with now. Which is just combining all the ideas I had to one. And I just hope it works :stuck_out_tongue:

First thing I did was reading random topics here. (including the most hated things one, which was very helpfull!) Then I signed up. And now I’m up way to late still trying to write a beginning to my game, haha xD

So, while still struggeling a bit with the choicescript code, I made a first few choices that actually work (yay!) Don’t know how to put them here though, so I still need to figure that out.

So, enough with the strange introduction (I’m sorry) and on with the concept. Last off-topic thing I wanted to say: English is not my main language. I’m trying my best, and practicing every day, but mistakes just slip in. I hope you’ll forgive me for them, and if you would point them out, I’ll happily correct them!

So now for my way to ambitious idea. You, are a person. What kind of person, who knows. An interesting person, that’s for sure! And somehow, you find yourself somewhere holding a staring contest with a blind man. This man then makes you follow him, and you end up in a strange looking place. After some dialog and a lot of choices, you now have a more specified person! But that’s not the only thing that your choices will affect. (And that is what makes my idea so ambitious, and kinda impossible) Because, this old, blind man, will send you back in time. And depending on how you answered the questions, you will know where!
While you are there, you will meet new people, go through a story, maybe romance a bit, everything is possible. You almost forget you were send there by an old man in the first place. (depending on choices, the next event will happen days, weeks, months or years after you got there) And then, one night, you get a dream. You are standing in front of the old man again, and it feels very surreal. He asks you some questions, you answer them. You wake up, not remembering you had the dream at tall. This will happen a few times through the story.
Then, at some point, things happen. Option A) You die. You have another dream were you meet the man, he tells you what went wrong, and suddenly you find yourself back at the beginning, with your old memories. What happened? Blablabla, some changes in dialog, basically, a new game+ only slightly different. You get the point.
So the other option is: You don’t die. When you complete the story back in time, you get a last dream with the old man. Depending on the choices you made in the previous dreams, you will either B) stay back in time and live happily ever after, or C) Feel like you don’t belong, and get send back to where you came from. You start a new game, but with your memories (same as with dying, only now you can keep some or your stats if you wish to!).

So, either your character gets send back, or you stay and replay the game. If you get send back, you have some dialog options again, which can then send you back in time again. You can choose to do the same story again, of do a different one. Some of your personality traits will change in this progress.

So long story short, the idea is: A lot of stories inside one, with the possibility of doing it over and over again with the same character!

I think you can see why it is way to ambitious :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I would love some feedback on the idea. Do you think it will work? Normally I would start with one or two stories, and then add new ones later on, something like that. And maybe if someone really likes my idea, they can help add a new story, I don’t know xD

Greetings & lots of Hugs


Staring contest with a blindman… sounds like something I’d do.

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The wiki has a helpful page on uploading your game to Dropbox: link.

I’ll finish the first part and then try and post it here ^^

You still working on this mate or no