Adventures in Time


This may be an orphaned game since I haven’t done much with it in so long. But I figured I’d make a post about it anyway. The goal for this game was/is to make “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” meets “Putt-putt Travels Through Time.” If someone is interesting in joining this dying project, contact me (unless this is an old post by the time you read it, in which case it’s probably too late). This demo is somewhat short.



“You were just getting into it and damn CoG-blocked”. That was hilarious.


Hmm, looks cool. I’ll try it out.


THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME CoG blocked is hilarious, the robot monks were hilarious, and this whole game is freaking hilarious. But the dialogue isn’t formatted correctly (as if that matters :stuck_out_tongue: ) but could I fix it? It’s not that hard, and I could send you the finished file.


I nearly died at CoG blocked. This is awesome. XD




@lackofmops I guess you can go ahead. I’m not really sure what’s wrong with the formatting, but I’d be glad to see what I’m doing wrong.


Np but it’s like this.
Wrong formatting:
“Hi.” “Hello there.” “How’s it going?” “Pretty good. How about you?”
Right formatting"
“Hello there.”
“How’s it going?”
“Pretty good. How about you?”

But seriously, no biggie, just wanted to help with this awesome game!


You need double returns between lines, otherwise everything is mushed into the same paragraph. Or you can use *line_break but double returns are easier.

Dialogue looks fine to me though.


@FairyGodFeather I used double returns in the edit, which he posted.


That was good of you, @Lackofmops I realised after I posted that I’d probably looked at the edited version. Hopefully @peglegpenguin now understands how to format things?


@fairyGodfeather I hope so too. But I probably do. Thanks for the help, guys.


Not a problem.