CCH Summer Art Contest - Winners announced on Post 29!


Well, there’s two days left. I won’t bother tabulating until the end, but it seems that 3rd place will be very tight! A few votes could determine that one.


@Eric_Moser ic_moset
I dont want to sound salt but theres some 6 fakes accounts in the voting pool, all with the same votes and joined dates in the forum.
For the guy that made them i was going to donate my prize for the person bellow me,but i think its better donate to the 1 place.


I am looking into it, but yes I will respect your wishes about prize money. If you place in the top three, your prize money can go to the ultimate winner.


6 fake accounts

That’s pretty serious stuff considering there’s actual money involved. Maybe give the mods a shout?


@daniboy, it’s not worth bothering the mods about it. First of all, they have other issues on their plates. Second of all, I never said that artists couldn’t ask friends/family to vote for them. I’m guessing that is what happened with all the new accounts.

I do have the ability to change any part of the voting process if I believe it was unfair, but I don’t have any indication that it was one person creating lots of accounts. I saw a similar pattern on my website, but everyone who voted had a different email address. I think it was more likely 7 or 8 people who did it, which doesn’t break my rules in any way.


And I have tabulated winners!! I will hold off on posting to social media until Monday because nobody reads my posts on the weekends.


You’d be surprised XD


ask friends/family to vote for them

You are way more trusting than I would be. Not to mention that is clearly a violation of implicit trust.

The simplest explanation, given no other evidence, should become the null hypothesis. In this case, Occam’s Razor tells us:

Someone created six accounts to vote for their own submission because there is money involved.


WINNER: ($100) The Speck 6 under Friendzone’s influence by the forum’s very own @karlsia!

SECOND PLACE: ($50) Monstrosity X versus Synergy by Lily Fail!

THIRD PLACE: ($25) Lady Ash by the forum’s very own @daniboy!

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR CREATIVITY: ($10) To the young lady who created the Uni image!

Congrats to all the winners and to all the contestants who entered! Maybe if I occasionally promote a Summer 2019 Art contest throughout the next 10 months, we can make it even bigger and better next year!

And Karl Sia’s winning image is now featured on a wide array of CCH merch at Red Bubble! Check it out here!