Poll: Next CCH t-shirt design?! - vote here!


I’m brainstorming new t-shirt ideas. Sold 3 more Speck shirts today and they’ll be gone soon. I’d like to design something with a character on it this time. But who should be on the shirt? Vote below!

Details: These probably need to be something like silhouette shirts to keep # of colors (and price!) down. Maybe something a bit like below…with some text above the image and the CCH website underneath.

  • Crook! “By hook or by Crook”

  • Dirty Girl! “Gettin’ Dirty!”

  • Monstrosity X! “Be Diabolical”

  • Stoic. “Yes I’m paying attention.”

  • Other! (explain below)

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Crook is my man so my vote’s for him. :kissing_closed_eyes:


(Sorry, but it’s DG)


Have to go with Stoic


Combat Wombat!

I dunno. I just think it’s funny.

No Tress on the list with all her fabulous hair? And there are so many hair puns!


Yes I should have added:

Tress "Great hair day!"
Combat Wombat “Hug a wombat!”

and maybe

Uni: “Feelin’ horny?”

@FairyGodfeather can you add those to the poll?


I can’t. You’d need to start a new poll.

What about Mob? Mob Rule?


Stunner (Stunning Looks)


Oh. When I tried to edit it, I got a “call a mod for help” message.

People can keep commenting on their choices if they aren’t poll choices.


Ah, it says I can’t edit it after the first five minutes.


Hmmm…great responses so far. I’ll keep this up this weekend and then maybe I’ll pass the baton to the Facebook folks and get their feedback.

I can only hope the differences as as epic as the CoG Mega Cat :cat: against the FB Mega Cat :tiger: (I found a way to use all those ridiculous powers in the story)


Other: the whole squad with something like CCH unite!


Well I ran a Facebook survery with the same question but I offered the group option with “Nebraska’s Finest” on top and it was the clear winner. I think DG was second. I’m guessing “group pic” may have won here too if I had made it an option.

Sooooo…now I’ll have to see if it’s cost effective to do a group design t-shirt. The art would be more expensive but the big consideration is colors. May have to go with a black/white combo as I don’t think I could sell $20 shirts. Multiple colors really jacks up the price per unit.

Thanks to everyone for participating!! I’ll talk with my artist next week to determine feasibility. If the group one can’t be made, a Stoic one should be simple and doable!


I know I am very late but Stoic’s message seems pretty awesome. I ll go for Stoic


Stoic is just so adorable. I cannot remember if I asked already but will she be an RO?


After playing heavy rain I can’t help but think of a CCH shirt with the words “Origami Killer” on it.


I’d love to wear a shirt with Stoic quote in it. :smile: