Tin Star (Hosted Game) Fanart

Not that is a surprise to many, but I loved the game Tin Star. Even now, I find myself doing specific things just to dig out bits of Allen’s humor, unfound stuff, etc. For example, I never realized one could get the rattlesnake as a pet by running from the Paiute before today…

Anyways back on topic, as some may know, I’ve been commissioning some fanart lately, and I got a piece done for Tin Star. There are some minor flubs from what is in game…such as the axe (supposed to be obsidian, not a metal head), but I was pleased by the artist’s work in general.

So, the following is my main MC (a female Native American sheriff). I loved finding out about the Grullah breed (I thought I knew a few things about horses, but I also like learning something new). This picture is with her lady love, the Condessa Maria Agustina etc.

I hope to commission another picture with my MC with her pet rattlesnake, and her other love Miss Caraway (in that playthrough, I kept with a formal sort of person). There is a third picture I also have in mind down the road with a certain bear, and an lightning bolt hit Marshal.


Amazing work,as always.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve been thinking of holding a random draw at some point for a couple of people if they wanted to get some fanart drawn as well.


Very impressive! Good job.


Thanks. And for the matter, I hope to get some fanart done of my Demon Huntress from your series of games (Trial of the Demon Hunter/Captive of Fortune).

Heh, I can’t get all that I want done at once since I’m also trying to get some art done by the same artist for a Detective Noir game (you play as a demoness/demon who solves supernatural crimes)

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Amazing job! I like the horse markings.

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Wait, a rattlesnake?! Runs off to play through Tin Star a couple(or a dozen) more times…

PS, nice artwork.


The artist did a great job with them. grins Of course, I did like how the horses had their own personality, even if they don’t really show up until the epilogues.

Thanks. And yes, you can get the rattlesnake one of two ways. I’ll put the easiest way in spoilers if you are curious.

[spoiler]1. First, you can’t get the mouse or cat as a pet in the beginning.

2 When you go to Echo Canyon, and Hartigan offers his proposition, agree to help. In this case, the level of help, and the expected reward will actually have effect on whether the rattlesnake is alive or dead later. I usually choose “I will step aside and give you the carriage” and as for the reward “I expect nothing” (This is paraphrasing)

  1. Betray Hartigan’s trust. The fact he backstabbed you, he will send a rattlesnake your way. Assuming you have no pet, you can choose to nurse it back to health.

  2. It is also possible to get a rattlesnake if you run away from the Paiute Indians. One will come across your path…I don’t remember the exact choices, but one of the options ends up being putting it in a bag and bringing it with you.[/spoiler]

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That would be awesome! I look forward to it.

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Getting the rattlesnake as a pet has an amusing history to it. When I was designing the Paiute encounter I realized that the player might try to evade it altogether so as to fight on ground of their choosing. So, they had to be able to retreat. Something therefore had to inhibit their retreat, at least somewhat. A rattlesnake encounter seemed reasonable, having had one of those on my own, and there hadn’t been anything quite like that yet in prior chapters (The bear doesn’t count. because it is big and not poisonous)

So, I fleshed out the encounter and when looking at the character types I realized it might well be a walk in the park for certain characters. If the snake held no menace, what else was there? And that’s when I recalled how some play-testers were not content with the cat or mouse option for a pet. So, why not a hidden pet?

I put in a number of hours making sure that the rattlesnake as a pet would be both interesting and useful (Seen especially if you capture Reginald or Regina). When it appeared that not enough testers were discovering the alternate pet because the option came late in the game and was accessible only through one contorted set of choices, I went with a player’s idea to make it possible to acquire it earlier on.

Since there was that one part where Hartigan has Hungry Snake nail a dead rattlesnake to your door… well, the progression was natural.

Thank you Lys for reminding me about all that. Those were fun times.


One of my friends drew me some Tin Star fanart for my birthday (I am currently obsessed with the game and that was the only thing I could think to ask for). It’s draw-the-squad style and quite silly so I thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

L-R: Yiska, my Marshal Tamsen Temple, Miss Caraway, Dan Schmidt, and a very uncomfortable looking Ben Carson. Poor guy.

Pic by https://zionmantis.tumblr.com/.


grins And Ben no doubt is having some second thoughts on being married :slight_smile:

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I can’t stop laughing. You’re a genius.

Nitpick: I don’t think Miss Caraway is a redhead.

Getting the rattlesnake still works even if you SPOILER

…offer Hartigan very little, like “I won’t sink the carriage in a swift flowing river if it comes to it,” and demand something small (i.e. asking him to look into matters in Elko).


She is. She has auburn hair.


Facepalm. I went back and checked. You’re right. Somehow I thought she was a brunette.