Tin Star testing

Beta testing for my new game entitled ‘Tin Star’. Files can be found at http://tinstarbeta.webs.com/


I clicked the link for chapter one and I got a list of what appears to be all the code, rather than the game itself.

Same here


As far as I can tell by looking at the codes, I can tell it will be interesting. What’s the time period of the game?

It’s a western, and the directories appear a little messed up o.O

I was afraid of that. Webs.com wasn’t particularly co-operative with me before I stopped being able to access it last night.

The story is set in 1866, starting in California but moving out to Nevada where the Frontier is exactly that. No railroad, only a single telegraph line, Indians, prospectors, bears and boom towns.

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Okay, does anyone have experience with webs.com? I know people have used it to host games before. I also have no doubt that I am currently assailing the problem of posting chapter one the hard way. That or it updates very slowly.

Step by step instructions for preparing a Beta via webs.com would be excellent if any are to be had.

@AllenGies I’ve had nothing but problems with webs.com, tbh–even to the point where, for no apparent reason (and with no actual changes on my part!) it suddenly decided that my game was no longer actually online . . . even though the files were still there, and even after I uploaded them all again!

On the advice of others here I’ve since been using dropbox, and without any problems. Moreover, with the free application provided, to ‘publish’ new / updated files online you simply have to copy them into the public area of the dropbox folder on your own computer–no messing about ‘uploading’ them one at a time as with webs.com. Dropbox uploads automatically, in the background. Highly recommended.

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not working

Indeed, and it won’t be because I can’t figure out how to make Webs.com do what I want. It just won’t let people access the index with the chapter. And so, I’ll give Dropbox a shot now. Thanks for the tip, Vendetta.

Ah. Webs.com has a seven day probationary period for uploading certain kinds of files. That’s why it wouldn’t work. What a waste. If they had told me straight up, I would have planned accordingly.

I’m sorry you didn’t realize that. I use webs.com for my game and it works fine.

Bastiaan- Well, I can wait a few days until it unlocks. I would have rather set it up seven days ago and had it ready to play the Beta straight off…

That said, can I ask your advice on uploading a chapter of a game? Do I need to upload the index file with the chapter placed in the startup file and the stat screen in the stat file? Or is there some other method to use? I would like to get this right next time.

Make The Heist Game I Mentioned

Everything in the ‘web’ folder gets uploaded, except .htaccess (which, IIRC, Webs shouldn’t allow you to upload anyways). Make sure to keep the folder structure intact (create the folders with Webs’ file manager), and make sure to upload everything to the right folder (so mygame.js and one of the index files gets uploaded to the ‘mygame’ folder, and all the scenes get uploaded to a ‘scenes’ folder within the ‘mygame’ folder).

The first index file (the one the the ‘web’ folder, not the one in the ‘mygame’ folder) is what you’ll probably want to link to. You can rename that freely, but to rename anything else (such as the ‘mygame’ folder) you’ll need to edit that index file.

(I can give you a more detailed walkthough if you need it.)

Thanks Reaperoa. That is exactly the sort of detailed assembly of structure I need to know. It seems I’m a writer first and a programmer second or third.

If I have trouble, I’ll definitely post. Thanks again.

So, I can’t get webs.com to work despite loading in the whole architecture from the web folder, to mygame folder, to the scenes folder. It still says, when the button linking the index file (in the web folder) is pressed on the web page, that ‘Sorry, this page was not found’.

Why magic box no work? :wink: (That’s what I was feeling after a frustrating hour of monkeying with things.)

Reaperoa, I definitely need that detailed walkthrough. :slight_smile:

Dropbox it, seriously. It’s just so simple to use in comparison–you set up the folders, and copy updated files to those folders, entirely on your own computer, and dropbox does the rest behind the scenes. It even seems to run better / faster online, with fewer loading problems. And it has yet to just ‘lose’ my entire game as webs.com eventually did! (Which sounds remarkably similar to what you’re experiencing there).

The only advantage of webs.com is that you also have the static web page, but there’s no reason why you cannot still have that and have a link pointing to the game index on dropbox (which is what I did when I switched–the webs.com page is still there).

I too am certain that dropbox would be easier. However, there is something you are overlooking, Vendetta…

I’m not going to let Webs.com get the better of me. They have tasked me, and I shall have them.