Tin Star Fan Theories

  1. If anyone hasn’t played @AllenGies’ Western-themed hosted game Tin Star, go play it now. I can’t recommend it enough. The replay value is insane, so it’s well worth the money.


  1. For those of us who have played it, I thought it’d be nice to start a thread about fan theories regarding the game, since some of the characters (particular the ROs) have rather mysterious or sketchy backstories, and there are some supernatural elements to the story (I don’t think you can throw lightning after being hit by lightning).

Here’s my two bits. Remember the opening scene, where the hangman wore a “flat black hood that [refused] to shift in the early morning breeze”? If the hood wasn’t moving and it stayed flat, that implies that the hangman wasn’t breathing.

And which dead man in the story would be most likely to cooperate with Marshal James? (Hint: which man disappears from his coffin in-game?)


Tin Star is awesome! I’m currently on my third playthrough (bought it yesterday) so I can’t say much about theories, but I look forward to seeing what people come up with :grin:


Wait a little, you can throw lightning? My MC wasn’t hit by lightning so i don’t know about that.


I don’t call it lightning throwing ala Zeus though, more like creating creating an electrical charge? It’s real cool, actually. I saved Andy using my lightning touch once.

Anyway, despite having played TG for years, I never really thought about theories and stuff, although my MC really does believe in the supernatural.


Yeah. Here’s how. [spoiler]On your way to Preston Springs,a storm will set in. If you have a religious orientation, you can head up into the mountains and then choose to ‘climb a boulder and raise your hands to the Lord,’ which will get you struck by lightning and boost your Resolve. If you don’t want to play a religious character, you can just go up into the mountains and then try to ride back down, although you won’t get the Resolve boost. DO NOT kill Denny Baso, or the posse will get in the way of your doing this.

From that moment on, your fingers will occasionally spew electricity.[/spoiler]


…I loved that part. :laughing:


Wish I could comment or confirm anything written here, but that would spoil the fun. Besides, if a fan theory makes enough sense and is popular, sometimes it becomes canon.


Fan theory number 2:

The MC, and possibly also Dan Schmidt, are werewolves.

Think about it. All we know about the MC’s past is that they were involved with someone’s death under mysterious circumstances. (Granted, they can declare themselves innocent, but this is possibly a result of their not knowing what they’d done under the influence of the transformation.) And even if they have a background as a city-slicker lawyer, they can decimate a posse of armed men or frighten off an angry grizzly with nothing but moderate levels of Gunfighting and Intimidation.

The same goes for Schmidt; he’s repeatedly mentioned as looking and moving like a predatory animal, and he’s capable of BEATING A BEAR INTO SUBMISSION. There’s also the fact that, if you talk to him in the Grand Haven hotel later on (while romancing him), he explains that he was the child of snake-oil salesmen who left him behind while running from an angry mob. He woke up the next morning and found a wolf’s pawprints nearby. How did a little kid survive in the wilderness, and why did the wolf avoid him?