Western bad guy games


Any similar games like Tin Star? I really like it a lot, especially the part where I go and kill everything lol


I don’t think there is one that you’re talking about. Although I’m kinda sure you could play as a corrupted marshal in Tin Star but it’s been a long time since I played it.


If you want to play as the “bad guy” then I think Fallen Hero could be interesting for you. Also you can play an evil MC in The Lost Heir trilogy.
These are the ones I can think of quickly.

Edit: My bad, I somehow managed to miss the “western” part right there in the title. Oops.
Anyway I think there is only one other COG/HG with western setting, but idk if you can be the bad guy there I never played that one.


Oh yes, I couldn’t do it, but you can slaughter everyone in Tin Star if you feel like it, and make the, uh, ‘right’ choices. The whole town, the criminal gang, the natives… And beyond. I think possibly someone might get away, but as I said, I never could bring myself to even start on that path.