Best Medieval/War/Adventure games


Hey just want to know what people think are the best medieval/war/adventure games
I personally like the great tournament, The infinity series, Tin star, War for the west and blood and steel


The Lost Heir series is really good. More adventure than war though. Lords of Aswick is a fantastic medieval game. There is also Choice of the Petal Throne and Heroes of Kendrickstone.


My favorite is probably The Great Tournament the 1st one i mean the second one is ok


I liked the great tournament to


Don’t forget Life of a Wizard. Start a war at the climax and conquer the world!


Hero of Daria was pretty good before it shut down. There’s a fief management game whose name escapes my mind. I don’t know if it is still active.
You managed your people, cattle and pretty much every resource in detail.


i played that fief management game too, don’t know what it was called


What is the Hero of Daria?


its a cog game by lucid


It was a game by Lucid. No one knows if he will continue developing it or not and it is not playable anymore.


I thought he said he wasn’t going to make it anymore. Something about it being to complicated and that a cyoa game wasn’t really the best medium for an open world rpg game.


Yes, but he didn’t say it’s abandoned. It may return, it may not.


It sounds like a good game.


My mistake then. I just kind of took it as it was abandoned. Sorry.


Nah, I shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place - it can’t be played anymore.


The Lost Heir is one of my top three CoG series.

Along side The Zombie Exodus and Choice of Rebel.


You should try Life of a Wizard if you haven’t, or Lucid’s other games.


I haven’t yet, but I will!

Btw, how do you get the regulasr title?


I don’t exactly remember the details, you should pretty much read a certain percentage of the newest posts, have an amount of posts and likes received/given. I think there’s a thread which explains with details how to become one.


Thanks for the info.