Games Beyond "Choice" Like Swamp Castle and Great Tournament

So after a long time not playing choice games, tried again and found these 2 gems Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament.

These games differ from other choice games coz they provide a somewhat turn-based 4k gameplay. Similar to the classic game King of The Dragon Pass and I like them.

The question is are there any other choice games like those? Tried some other but none like them. Are there any among the paid ones?

Thanks guys~


I think Lords of Astwick and Life of a Wizard could be interesting to you, if that’s the kind of gameplay you’re into, sure.


The Daria titles are complex rpg types -

Zombie Exodus and ZE:SH are both very deep and wide as far as choices go.

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Yeah, but Zombie Exodus is also a bit expensive compared to the other games. As much as I enjoy it, I don’t enjoy paying around $15 so I can access the whole story.

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It was $8 on Steam for 3 installments for me. IDK your pricing.

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Is it? I never really check Steam for CoGs. Thanks!

But this is off topic for the thread- apologies.

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I’ve played Life of a Wizard and Zombie Exodus, and yes the RPG system is more extensive and I liked it

But they are still unlike the Free Roam (Last Arc) part of Great Tournament or The Territory Management of Swamp Castle.

Swamp Castle would be ideal but it’s just too short…

I don’t know if there’s anything I can point you towards if that’s what you’re looking for, unfortunately.

However, I haven’t read every single book on the site. Maybe there’s something for you that I just haven’t gotten to? I wish I could help you more.

It’s okay if it’s conventional games as well
Like King of Dragon Pass

The earlier Romance of The Three Kingdoms games were amazing too
Now it’s made 3D and crap, the strategy portion is dwindling
Don’t care about graphics really, it’s fine even if text-based, more like even better
(That’s why I got here in the first place :grin:)

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Hey, if you want a Territory management/Strategy game, I’d recommend the Civilization games. That’s all I have, though.

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I’m with you there. I personally love games like Crusader Kings and Medieval: Total War. I’m currently working on a low fantasy medieval game where you play as the liege of a fief, so that might interest you. It will be posted(along with a playable demo) within the next few weeks.


I would love too!! I positively love king of dragon pass. Well it’s a fantastic ruler game but what makes it all so wonderful is it neck deep in lore, that you have to now to succeed in the game and it forces you to think and the perspective of the people you do you have to understand the culture which I love. Even more brilliant is you learn about their culture and their morality the same with radio through their stories and myths. KoDP it’s just amazing like that. I say you could possible like lords of infinity once it comes out.

My problem was the swamp castle and the great tournament far too many unnecessary stats my opinion Lords of Aswick is got right Injust wish they let us run are fief more.

Rather try to pick up predynastic Egypt if you’re into that

Civilization is great, but sadly it has no story :sweat_smile:

Hope it will be great~
If possible make it to has a storyline so it plays like Swamp Castle
The intertwining of story and gameplay is excellent~

I know, right?
KoDP is amazing, also RoTK 6 and under.
Wonder why this style is unpopular… :confused:
Regarding Predynastic Egypt, it seems it’s like Civilization.

Currently playing Lords of Aswick, still a Squire.

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Unfortunately, it’s the only strategy game I’ve played with enough frequency to really talk about it. Sorry I can’t offer you more!

It is a story that is the foundation of the Egyptian kingdom it’s actually been the most historically accurate games ever played. Plus their demo you’ll see when you may want to play it.

^Maybe gonna check it later

^^If you find any in the future you can tell us in this thread~

Regarding Lord of Aswick btw, mm… it’s boring…
Not many choices

I didn’t say that I personally enjoyed it. I never finished it, myself. I just thought I’d recommend it.

Well one how far did you get it out of curiosity how old are you guys. The reason I asked I enjoyed very different things when I was younger verses that I am now.

Aswick reached the part where protagonist returns and becomes lord
But barely any fief management possible
Just normal choice game this is

Choice of Pirate on the other hand, is great, try it guys~

I always like strategic games with story since 15 years ago