Games in Magincia

Is there any games in the same world as Swamp Castle and Great Tournament’s Magincia. Or a game like just them in medieval era? Sorry if i did something wrong about title or topic. I am new! Thanks



No, those two are (I think) the only ones in this world.
If you want some excellent games in a medieval-fantastic setting, I can only recommend @Lucid’s games (The Lost Heir Trilogy and Life of A Wizard that are both in the same universe) and @Cataphrak’s The Hero of Kendrickstone (possibly the Infinity sseries but it isn’t really medieval).


Don’t want to look advertising, but it certainly will: maybe check my WiP out, it’s in the medieval era, quite similar to Swamp Castle in some aspects.
Here’s the forums: Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 6th of January)
Again, just a suggestion which you might find useful.
Edit: It however, is not a game, it is a WiP.
I also suggest The War For The West. That’s a WiP too.