Richard I of England


So here’s the thing, as I am interested in the medieval times I read Lionheart. If you guys have not read the book I 100% recommend it if you like history. Anyways back on track I was wondering why there wasn’t any choice of games on those times or like based off of Richard I. Like I feel that a game based on recovering Jerusalem would fit perfectly in this community.


Lords of Aswick, The Great Tournament 1&2, and Swamp Castle are all themed in the genre you are looking for.

There are also a few WiP that deal with the Middle Ages in one form or another - although none dealing specifically with jihads or crusades.


Lords Aswick it’s the best of the bunch


What gives you this impression?

Also, if the Crusades are your thing, take a look at the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s a film staring Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Eva Green, and Edward Norton. It’s not a realistic, accurate, nor treats it’s heavy subjects delicately, but it’s very watchable and the fights are cool.


Will definitely try out Lords of Aswick and I have tried out the other games you’ve mentioned it’s just I was like wondering more into like actual medieval times in like our world like realistic. I know of one wip currently (I forgot the name) but you’re a lord a in 1500’s I think, anyways those are the types of games I’m talking about.


Then Lords is your game. The author also has a WiP for the sequel to Lords.


The thing that gave me the impression is like the types of games. Like most of the games here a realistic and like leading an army to take over Jerusalem or like make peace with the Saladin army it just like feels right. Like I feel it’d be like Swamp Castle or Great Tournament 1 and 2 but like set in the real world. Idk if this makes sense or if I’m just rambling but yeah.