New Hosted Game! "War for Magincia" By Philip Kempton

Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

In this prequel to Swamp Castle and the Great Tournament, lead a medieval faction as it attempts to secure the Kingdom of Magincia. You must deal with other hostile factions and fight off barbarians to gain ruling power of the realm.

It’s 40% off until June 11th!

War for Magincia is a 200,000-word interactive novel by Philip Kempton. Set in the world of Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament , in War for Magincia you’ll experience randomly generated events and stats results each time you play, and a deep story tree with many different endings, in addition to three difficulty modes: easy, normal, or hard.

  • Use diplomacy, war, or intrigue to defeat your rival factions.
  • Work for the betterment of the Kingdom and people, or take all its riches for yourself.
  • Send diplomats to rival factions to sue for peace or spies to cause chaos and war among your rivals.
  • Train your army with a variety of unit troops. Upgrade their equipment and training.
  • Choose your general and level him/her up with a variety of military maneuvers.
  • Hire advisors to help in your quest to secure the Kingdom of Magincia.
  • Unlock achievements and new modes of play.

Swamp Castle and Life of a Mercenary are now available on Steam and on sale! You can also enjoy The Great Tournament and The Great Tournament 2 on sale until June 11th!

Philip Kempton developed these games using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Congratulations on the release Philip

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The novel came out at 8 am, at 8:01 I started the tutorial. Can’t wait to finish the novel!

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When it’s going to be on Android?
(Sorry for my Bad English)

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Will definitely check it out, swamp castle and gt were good games


I love this guy game so much


Whoop!! Whoop!! Whoop!! Hoorray!!!
I have been waiting for this one impatiently. i’m going to buy it right now.


I absolutely love Kai’s take on a kingdom building + CYOS , loved swamp castle and great tournament and i sure as hell will love this one as well!!


Alright, I don’t do reviews anymore except when a game is incredibly good or horrendously bad. And that game falls into the second category.

So, let’s start with the most glaring flaw: the story. It is completely nonexistent. You get maybe one chapter at the beginning (if you can call that a chapter) where you define the PC’s origins and make some interesting choices. That part is good. Heck, I’d almost call it great.

And then the management comes in. Basically, your PC is sent to unify the Central province of the kingdom, through diplomacy or conquest. You have to choose to focus on military, diplomacy or economy. Yeah, sounds great! Or it would be, if economy wasn’t completely overpowered.

Economy gives you (of course) more money but also more food, more troops, more diplomats and overall allows you to completely blast through the game. Now, I’m not saying that this is inaccurate, but literally every bonus you could possibly get from focusing on diplomacy or military (better troops for example) you can get by just investing in the village over and over. What’s the point of having three choices when one is blatantly superior, one is just good (diplomacy), and one is completely useless?

I’d be willing to give it a pass if having a military was the quickest way to power or made defending your territory easier but even for that it’s useless. Why? Because if you are ever so slightly competent at diplomacy, you can get non-aggression pacts with everyone else in the first few turns, meaning you’ll never have to use your army for anything.

There is also the fact the author completely focused on the management system, yet completely forgoed any semblance of realism. First, standing armies weren’t a thing during medieval times. Yet not only can the PC build a permanent force, he can build one that it completely disproportionate for the size of his fief. Seriously, by the end of the game I had 10 soldiers for every civilian. You can have a completely corrupt fief, be plagued by bandits and thieves and have literally everyone conscripted (though for some reason the game doesn’t see recruiting literally everyone in the army as conscription) with no consequence whatsoever.

And don’t get me started on the battle system. Now, granted, I’ve only seen half a dozen battles, but literally every last one of them ended up with me spamming the “send all forces” option, because it was the only one available. And let’s not talk about the tactics. First, you have to teach them to your general. Now, I’m no military expert, but I’m pretty sure one of the greatest generals of the realm would know what a volley of arrows is. And even then, I doubt that my MC, who had zero military experience, would be the best teacher. There is also the problem of how you build your army; namely, it doesn’t matter. For example, I ended up having almost nothing but knights and horsemen, yet I somehow managed to win sieges by ordering my men to charge. Unless those horses were imported from Skyrim and had the ability to defy gravity, I don’t see how that would be possible.

Now, you’ll tell me I’m nitpicky. That in the end, the fun is all that matters. And you’d be right! Fun is much more important than details! Hence why I didn’t have any fun spending nearly 5 hours repeating the same actions over and over until I had enough clout to make every neighboring fief my vassal. Sell the colossal amounts of grain I got, buy horses, train peasants into militia, militia into heavy infantry, heavy infantry into knights, negotiate with my neighbors if I can, upgrade some things, rinse and repeat, going though the same menu every time because the game sends you back to the hub after every action you do. It’s just so tedious, and I can’t even imagine how much of a chore the game is for military focused playthrough.

And then I got to the second management phase and surprise, none of my choices up until then mattered! The economic powerhouse I had built? Its income went from 20-30 thousand gold a turn to barely one thousand. My army? I had only one conflict to deal with, and it was quickly resolved by pressing the “send all of my forces” option a few times. My spy network? The options are incredibly limited. I can choose between maintaining a democracy or supporting a monarchy? Why bother, the timeline already says it’s going to end up in a monarchy. Seriously, never choose the democracy option in a Philip Kempton game, it will always end up becoming a monarchy in the following games for the sake of plot convenience, no matter how little sense that makes.

Then I got a bad ending out of nowhere, with no foreshadowing whatsoever and, most important of all, no checkpoint. One of the longest games I’ve ever played, and there is no checkpoints. Just “game over, start again”. This is just poor game design.

So no, I’m not advising to buy this game. It is fundamentally broken in the places that matters the most (the management system) and the story is so unimportant that by the time I reached the end of the first management phase, I had completely forgotten about it despite of how interesting it had been at the beginning.

The only good thing I can think of, as a code reader and someone who knows how hard it is to make a management system with choicescript, is the colossal amount of work the game must have required to function. Doesn’t take away all the bad points, but that part’s impressive.


Congratulations on the release…

Congrats on the new release AND on the re-releases to Steam.

Hey… I wanted to say that I found a game-breaking bug/exploit. Within the tutorial, second turn. I can sell food (8 gold each), having presently 256… and I will gain the gold (I’m selling 56), but the food storage does not reduce. This means I can do this over and over getting gold.

I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to

There must be a mistake with free chapters. Only one is available and it stops immediately when you have had chosen your spy master or something similar.

Unfortunately, it is really short and provides no information about anything. I am pretty sure a lot of people outside of our forum will not be satisfied, and I am sure this is the reason of low score in google play store.


First, let me say how disappointed i am at this story. I was hyped for the game since it was placed in the upcoming hosted games and would litterally check in every few days to make sure its still there. I loved your other games phillip and can say the games in the magincia universe are my favourite among cog and hg. But I dropped this one midway. Why? There was very little story. There was a little story on the tutorial and in the first portion of the game but thats it. I love your games for the amazing story they provides phillip. So this one was a disappointment. Now you nay say that its a kingdom simulator. Ok fine, It would be a good economic simulator if it werent so imbalanced. I mean just look at the economy system. I focsed on developing the village for a few turns and in midway im getting 1500-2000+ food every turn even after all my troops r fed. And guess what? I can earn 10- 20,000 gold from just there, bummer right? But never even mind that, i can just depend on my village income as it is about 40-60000 every turn. I basically conquered 3 factions of the game on a few turns. Personal stats besides intelligence and diplomacy matter very little. Same goes for spying. If u have a good economy and can just make everybody knights whats the point of spying. I can just finish the game in a single turn using my millitary once ive developed the economy a little. In a word, this game was booring. Upgrade a few things every turn, Train some peasants into militia, train the militia into light soldiers, light soldiers ito heavy infantry and then into knights, press end turn. Attack a civillization do the same thing all over again. I still recomend my friends to get the great tournament series and the other games uve made because they were just great to me. This one however i cant recomend anyone to buy sorry.


This is great, I haven’t tried it out yet but, I’ll comeback for a review ehe~
(╯✧∇✧)╯ ==> CONGRATS!!!

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Please add save system.

This game is quite long, all of achievement is lost once you die.


So far I really loved all the parts and the management was really exhausting at times but finally arrived in the second round, I’m making good progress and have even built up support FOR ME (because intrigue is just awesome) with a huge military in a spoinage network Back and 1-2 diplomats shouldn’t go wrong?
No, I’m just dying and all of my progress has gone really annoying

I would not be so pissed here if I Had Only 1 checkpoint between phase1 and phase 2

Something positive here I didn’t see the Betrayal coming so it was Good work but Management games are always difficult because it didn’t matter Who the Mc is you have 0 binds to 1 of these characters in the book yes everyone Know sir Cuthvel is an… But the others? Like I said no hinds to anyone here

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Well I buyed it because live of a Mercenary, Gt 1&2 and swamp castle… I mean there is nothing to say right these books were amazing and than this this is… Let’s name it just Sad


Went into the final battle against Gareth III and had a force of 500 knights at that point and I wiped the floor with his army, but for some reason it said I lost. Lost the duel too because I had used one of the general charges and had low health because of it. Pretty annoying. Not really interested in replaying again, but what happens if you support Gareth III for faction leadership (and succeed of course)?