Games Beyond "Choice" Like Swamp Castle and Great Tournament

Honestly Lords of Aswick feel like to me least a more intimate version of Crusader Kings. I still feel like you haven’t given a proper Shake.

That’s the game of love and I was 18. Now it’s not really my taste.

Potato or Pasta? Or even Potato?

Is this in the term of story or gameplay?
Aswick has barely any gameplay I’d better read a normal novel instead
I’m looking for choice games with great gameplay

What he does well and there’s a lot of choices in his game it plays more like a cross between a Choose Your Own Adventure game with light Crusader Kings 2 elements. Also the game tries to portray realistically the choice is you I have at various stages in your characters career. The problem with half of the great told him and it comes off far too brand and generic the world’s too much of power fantasy. Well when’s the sticks get high in LoA you can be srewed.

and I shouldn’t him up for it because overall both of the games ideas are brilliant I should still writing is for me incredibly immersive breaking. Thrall really. Example of the stat creation process is very organic in LoA.

In LoA the reason is only so much a state management it’s because he’s trying to be true to life and in reality most Lords of the Hundred Years War English Conquest. Hardly manage their Estates they left in up to stewards.

Doesn’t change the fact that the RPG element is lacking. It can still be enjoyed for the story like a normal novel, but not as a game imho.

Btw, I have tried several other games :

  • Sabres of Infinity = Great but unlike Choice of Pirate, you can’t pass an event successfully in many ways, only through specific choices.
  • Hero of Kendrick = Nice but too short

Mecha Ace (by the same author), Willow Creek , Tin Star, and Steampunk by Gaslight should all tickle your fancy if you want depth …


I own all of them but will greek

Played Mecha Ace
It’s fun and great, but to get the romance is not straightforward, high chance to miss it even

I kinda like that he really really good reading romances. They felt more organic ironically it was more akin to watching a well-written anime, which is a rarity in itself.

It even has “Anime ja nai” achievement :joy:
Showing that it won’t go as convenient as anime :smiley:

Oh my god, Tin Star is a masterpiece
Amazing story and great RPG elements
The characters are so interesting

Thank you for the suggestion :innocent:


Just played Metahuman and it’s amazing!
Aaah, I finally know the type of game I like
It’s those with gameplay that is divided in “turns”
For example Swamp Castle, Metahuman, and Tin Star
Every month you decide to do/build something, increasing it’s passive income
Next month you will have more freedom due to the increasing income
Like that

Hmm… I think your taste is more on “looking at my progression.”
It doesn’t have to be necessarily a “turn based” games.

I am fam progress well written progress

It’s not “turn” per se
But usually those kind of games gives you time limit like a year and the progression unit is in weeks or months.
Normal choice game like Mecha Ace is completely story-based and stats management only serves to progress the story.

Btw, I found these “unique” games
The content is “revolting” lol, but the gameplay is amazing
Anyone’s familiar with them? Know such text-based RPG games?

Had you tried the Eighth Continent and its sequel? I am not sure whether it is a choice game, but inside these 2 “books”, there are mini games and turn-based battles (based on your choice if battle cards)… it is fun to play, although the written story is a bit short …

by the way, “text” based RPG game? isn’t that something like Torment: Tides of Numenerra ?

Eight Continent IS text-based RPG game

Torment is just a normal RPG

Text-based RPG game is when everything is described through text instead of animation, like :
“Slime attacked you for 7 damages”
“You picked red potion”
Just text no/lack picture
Once again King of Dragon Pass is prime example

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