Struck by lightning achievement in Tin Star


Hey, I don’t know if this has been asked or brought up under other threads before, but I’ve been playing Tin Star again and can’t figure out how to get struck by lightning again. I did it the first time I played it but I have no idea how. Is their any particular path you gotta follow or choices you have to make? Because I remember reading my character’s history the first time I played that I always loved cuz it felt so unique and made my character seem way more of a legend or mythological being than just a marshal, yknow?


When the storm hits on your way to Preston Springs, go up into the mountains and you’ll get zapped.


Doesn’t seem to be as simple as that. Must’ve done something wrong cuz after following the railway, then finding shelter in the mountains, I laid down on the ground and narrowly avoided getting hit with some charred bits of boulder. Then when I tried again, instead of lying down I turned back and got hit with the boulder bits. It must be what path a take before then that puts me in the right place at the right time to get struck.


I think there is at least one requirement for it to show up. Is your character Religious? In character creation, there are some choices which gives this label.

Because then you get the option of standing on the boulder and raise your hands to the heavens…(I could be misremembering this a tad)


No, I’m not religious so I see no reason for my MC to be. But I just tried again and I think I got it.


Cool. I admit, the only way I can get it is to be religious in character creation

Normally this is all I get:

  1. Find shelter and wait for it to pass.

  2. Head up into the mountains to get away from any possible flooding.

  3. Dismount and lay flat on the ground.
    Turn around and ride down right now…

Going with religious gives me a third option:
Stand on a boulder and raise my hands to the Lord.


“Turn around and ride down right now” should get you struck by lightning…

Lying flat on the ground is what you do to avoid that.


@Sneaks is completely correct. You can get it without being religious and picking that choice.

(I double checked…and its cool I’m still finding out new things about this game.)


Just to clarify, what I did was ask the guy who mistook my horse for his for a map, followed that to the wagon trail, took shelter in the mountains, then tried turning back when the rain started coming down hard. Pretty sure that’s what I did the first time I played, now that I think about it.


Speaking of discovering new things, have you ever attempted multiple romances at once? Cuz I’ve only ever romanced Carrie, but I find myself also wanting to romance Yiska and I’m not sure if that’s interpreted in the game as cheating or pure polyamory. And I don’t wanna hurt either of them that way, let alone string one or both of them along. Sorry if this is off-topic.


Carrie and Yiska? You’re good to go!

There is only one person who isn’t into multiple romances, as well as one couple which doesn’t really work. I’ll put it into spoiler tags below:

Preston is the one person who doesn’t like to share. As for couples, the only one that it seems you can’t pull off is Carrie and Dan.


Awesome, thank you. I’m relatively inexperienced in multiple romances at once in single playthroughs, in many games. In fact the only game I’ve done it in, and where it’s turned out rather unexpectedly, is Versus #1. And the only other ChoiceScript game where I know you can do that is in Hollywood Visionary, and only because I found it in the achievements. And it even told me very explicitly in the options (after causing a love triangle) that I could have both love interests, but I swear to god I thought it was tricking me into losing both of them. That shows you what I know about polyamory, let alone monogamy. So anyway, I’m learning.