Tin Star: General Romance help

this is my first post on this form so hopefully I’m doing this right.
I am having trouble getting any romance to trigger in this game, specifically with Yiska.
Although, I legit cant get any of the romances to trigger at all lol
so I am at a lost as to what to do. I tried my first blind play through and everytime the romance option came up for Yiska and I clicked it nothing happened. And in the epilogue it said the romance never took off.


You have to favor legal and peaceful act and help the understanding between the colon and the natifs, not favor one or the other.
Go see him when you can and be civilized. I romance him while being a doctor and playing as a doctor.

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Any romance? And here i found it easy to romance carrie and the duchess

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The duchesse?

The one from mexico? God hahaha played this one a long time ago

Here's how to romance him. (Note: Spoilers may be present)

Be friendly to Yiska (it helps to talk to him a lot and be generally lawful good). Don’t advocate for needless death and destruction (at the dam, with the Six Horns Lodge, etc.), especially against the Native Americans. Choose to start a romance during the Fake Marshal event (it will give you the choice if you have a high relationship with him). Choose to help the Native Americans whenever possible (especially at the end of the Upton conflict), be generally lawful good, and don’t kill him at any point (that last one is obvious).


So, like I heard a romance with Preston was possible but I have no idea how to go about initiating it. Could any of you lovely ladies and gents help a gal out?

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It’s been a bit since I’ve played, but this is what I remember:

After the flood scene, when Preston confronts you, slap him and then kiss him. This should begin his romance.

I might be wrong or have forgotten something, though! Obviously, I also think you can’t have him hate your guts by this point in the story.


You are right, but I think the romance triggers easier when you have opposed hin once in a while, I love this romance


I’m so late to this lol but I can’t seem to trigger the romance (with Preston) ;-; and I had like 104% of a relationship stat with him! I’m confused lol

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You have to quite literally slap him and then kiss him as soon as you get the opportunity.


I did slap him but the option to kiss him didn’t appear lol he just went away

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You have to start slow. Then slap, then kiss.


How do I do that? Talking to him? Saying I was pretending to like him? ;u; I’m lost

Do I have to fail at saving the town from the flood? Because I always save them. Do I have to select something special when he says he can do me a favor? I’ve tried a lot of things again and again please someone help ;-;

Try replaying from the flood part. If it still doesn’t show up, it’s either a bug (so try replaying from that part and doing some things differently to check), or maybe you didn’t trigger a “flag” with Preston before the flood scene.

What I always do to get Preston to like me better is to be a capitalist(?). Do things in a way that would benefit him, too. Also by challenging him sometimes, but not too much that it irritates him.

Whenever I play that way, the option to kiss him after the slap shows up 95% of the time, regardless of whether I save the town or not from the flood. That 5% might be a bug, or a missing “flag”.


Necroing this, with apologies. Playing through Tin Star properly this time, and just finished the flood section in Chapter 6. My Marshal is now torn between Maria and Yiska. I’d heard that it is possible to have a poly relationship with both, and was wondering what the right choices for that are.

Do I tell Yiska first? What stat determines if Maria is amenable?

Just a little guidance would be helpful, thank you!