Oli in Versus The Lost Ones

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I just wanted to start off by saying that I’m brand new to the forums, but I’m a long-time CoG player.

I made an account because I’m a little confused about something, and didn’t see any similar topics or posts about this. I was playing though the first Versus game again, and decided to romance Oli. I remember the first time I played it, there was an option to hug him while you’re on the escalator, but the option is not there anymore. I know it seems nitpicky, and I’m not devastated or anything (especially since the option to just pull him down still lets your romance him) I just was wondering if the option was removed or I didn’t meet some sort of criteria. Thanks :slight_smile:


Me too! In my case, Oli is a female, and I did pull her down, but unless there was something I missed, there was no way to continue a romance unless you can in Part 3, whenever that comes out.

In the first game, you need a relationship stat of over 60 with Oli to pull him/her into a tight hug.


@Spyder in The Elite Trials I locked things in with Oli at the party, but didn’t get any sort of end scene with them (like I did with Lockdown) as I screwed up during the soultest and died against the Bominate. Oops. Not sure if I missed a scene because of that but that’s part of the reason I started over.

@Zakkarian oh my gosh, I feel very silly now! My relationship with Oli was at 59% when I got to that part the past few times. Thank you for your reply!


my point is, that although you can hug Oli, you can’t “really” pursue a romance, because he/she appears and disappears that fast.

It’s a plot thing. They are the only other person around that knows about Dhanthik, you can’t have a proper conversation or plan things out until the plot starts to get properly resolved to get a decent build up and pay off. Its basically the story playing “hard to get” with us.


I was under the impression that because this is supposed to be a series of games as opposed to a trilogy (like Heroes Rise) that the romance plots were going to progress more slowly. I don’t really mind that to be honest. It feels more natural to me. Especially in Oli’s case. You never really have any time alone with them in the “real world,” but dialogue with Oli during the party suggests that joining the Elite Courte will allow plenty of interaction between the two of you in the future.


It had been a long time since I played the lost ones. When I first played it, I recalled a scene where the MC sees Oli naked, and touching herself. When I replayed it recently I had the same scene. Though this time around, I didn’t get the dialog with the MC talking to her about it. Perhaps I remember it wrong, being it was so long since I first played it. But I definitely thought there was some dialog between the two about this imagery. Like I said though maybe I’m mistaken. Does anyone else recall this scene and the dialog about it?

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I know what you are talking about. It is the same waterfall scene I am referring to in my original post. Oli will pull you against them and press your mirror patches together. You will then have a vision of some sort, and are then prompted to choose what you see in the vision from a list of several choices. Whatever you choose, you will be doing the same. Oli touching themselves is one of those choices. Some other examples are Oli plunging a dagger into your back, reading to you from a book of secrets, or defending you with a hammer. Those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.