Versus Achievement Help and General Info

So in the actual Versus thread, everyone is getting into an arguement about Zachary’s past games being political. So I’m sitting here and I’m like, I don’t care, I’m here for Versus not Redemption Season stuff.

So, this is a thread for admiration, things you like, achievement help, and just gereral info. If people start making it a political arguement I’ll ask for it to be closed.
So first question, do I truly have to be Nb to romance the Prince, or can I be a “single gender”(nb being not entirely either) and be bi? I don’t mind being nb, it’s just I don’t, sympathize is the wrong word, but like click, with it as well as I would being one gender and bi(cuz I am)Any thoughts?

Edit: Thanks all for your feedback!


I already tried as a bisexual female and nope. He’s not interested. Dunno how anyone else fared though. :neutral_face:

No literally he is only in nb text says it literally.
Also admiration , is polical too. Basically you are saying this is a appraisal Zachary only posting. That has nothing to do with achievement help and general info. I recommend you read his interview giving thanks to critical feedback to help him improve. He has been supportive in changing some stuff and even send me personal thanks for my feedback. He is a great writer so we wanted him get better a appraisal only forum wouldn’t let him get better at all.

If you want an appraisal only thread called Versus fanatics no criticism allowed.


So, Versus: The Elite Trials.

Overall, a good game, though there are some parts I liked less than others.

I should probably write all this in spoilers.

First, the Memory Travels. When Memory Traveling Venuma, I found the “creashon” part interesting, however, I felt it was a bit out of place. I didn’t really understand why I had to create a world, only to access a “simple” party. The information we learn about her, while very interesting, were a bit “fed” to me, I would have wished to discover it myself.

Now, the Elite Courte and its intrigues. There were so many goals to keep track of, I didn’t know at first what I had to do. I liked MamaNa a lot, she’s a real mystery. I felt a bit forced to support the VS Front, even while planning to stay as neutral as possible (and hating Lady Venuma this time around). The endings are eventful, but feel a bit rushed, I would have liked to “live” them rather than “remember” them. However, the game being already quite long, I understand it would have been too much work.

The Trials. That was the part I was looking forward the most, and I admit being a bit disappointed. I’d have liked more fights, and more interactions with our fellow Ords. The second Trial made me thought about a game I love playing, but it felt a bit weird in the story. It was less about survival than intrigues. The last one was great, I had imagined something similar, but the many goals to keep track of make reaching the wished ending quite difficult, at least for me.

The characters. As I said before, I would have wished to discuss more with them, Ords and Elite alike, other than about the Courte or VS Front. Perhaps in the third game, we can learn more about them, their background, goals on Versus, culture… other than Memory Traveling. Same could be said for the romance options. I wanted to have more than an option to choose one RO, only for us to act immediately on our feelings, the RO concerned doing the same, without us knowing anything else than their name and origin. (All the RO aren’t the same, though)

Other. This game was more focused on the Elite Courte and the VS Front, as well as the Trials (obviously). But I would have wished to see more of the fights, of Vaccus and the Castle. It would have been great to ask other characters what they thought about Vaccus, now that they saw its cruelty, for instance.

I’ll edit my post once I remember the things I want to add.

A good game, as I said, but clearly less focused on the mysteries of Versus itself.

Edit: I asked the author if I could make a fan game, to write my own version of Versus 2. He agreed :slight_smile:


You mean “binary gender”.

He’s a non-binary person. He likes to date other non-binary people. He’s ceteroromatic/ceterosexual. Like me, another nb that only likes nbs. I love this. More non-binary people that only date non-binary people please! Ugh I’m so… Uhhhhjhjhihuhij. Me.

Like, just because he uses “he/him” and calls himself a Prince doesn’t mean he’s male. He’s nb, and he mentions if you flirt with him that he only likes other non-binaries in that way.

I can confirm that on every run that I have played as a non-binary person I have been given the option to romance him, and he seems more open to your flirting as a whole at the beginning if you are also non-binary. If you are binary, he just shuts you down and the game doesn’t give you the option later.


Yeah, I figured that out… I actually made a nb save file because of him :sweat_smile:


Well, I don’t mind being nb at all so I will try out that line and see how it feels.