Versus question?


Maybe an moderator can help on this please. For those of you who have played the game versus the elite trials. In one of the chapters you get to ride something called the creashon wave, creation wave? I can’t really remember the name of it. In it basically what you do is you create a planet and give life to it and shape it base on your belief and views. It’s been months but I seriously got attached to the planet i created called Norabi.

Now im writing a story and my question is if i can use the planet i created in versus for my story or i can’t because it belongs to the author of versus?


Honestly, I think that might be a question best directed at Zachary Sergi himself. You could probably ask him through Twitter or his Facebook page for the Versus series.


The authors generally retain all rights to the games the write in ChoiceScript, so from a technical point, Zachary would be the person to make that decision.


That’s what i thought :frowning: Thanks for the help anyways.


I actually fail to comprehend how Zachary can forbid you from using that planet for one simple reason - you create planets there by using wide array of common attributes. Only thing that makes them really unique is how YOU see it in your imagination.

Now, there is another question if you plan not only use this planet as concept, but also set it in Zachary’s world/setting. Then you indeed should discuss this with him.


I just wanted to use the planet, not set it on his universe.

I would ask him but i dont feel comfortable doing it.


Then you can use it. Planet creation in Versus: Elite trials beautifully implemented, but planets created through it don’t spot features, that specific only to Zachary’s world. To put it simply, you just using options you saw there as inspiration to create your setting.


Zachary is really, really nice. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you asked him.

Can you tell us about your planet? What details about the planet was it that you liked? It might be generic enough that you could easily use it.


Well ill describe the basis cause I did change it a few times. It was a massive water planet with almost no land.(The blue jewel of the universe :slight_smile: ) The people living there, I tried to make them as human as possible. They were very peaceful. I chose to have them learn farming. As of way of leadership I had the one with strong qualities to step up and guide. After the evolution of the planet moved forward, I decided to implement a religious system by which I could rule them, through someone I picked to be a leader. Although I didn’t interfere much. After that, I chose to implement communism. I didn’t want people amassing power or wealth. everything should be distributed equally, I went against education although it was still there to be use if necessary. I just preferred the learning to be through elders and family. (basically going to school in my mind was super frown upon)

After the evolution move forward again and my planet got attacked. I had them learned super powers that evolve thanks to the environment around them. After we won the “war”, the final thing I did was to order them to not leave the planet because of safety and I didn’t want their way of life to be polluted with others cultures, although I did changed it later and gave permission for some people to be able to leave to trade items that could not be grown on the planet.

That’s about it although some of that stuff did not happened in that order.


That world sounds generic enough that I don’t see why you’d need to ask permission to use it. Especially if you add your own touches to it to make it uniquely your own, and fill in other details. I’d seriously doubt that anyone would recognise the world as the one you created from Versus, if you hadn’t posted this topic.

Although it would be polite to let Zachary know you’ve been inspired by his work.