COMING THURSDAY: "Versus: The Elite Trials" - New Author Interview and TRAILER



Praise be to the great lord and savior Cthulhu for making this finally possible. I have prayed to him the past year for this and they have been answered! Can’t wait, time to replay the first one, cause who needs sleep?


Finally: I’m so excited to play it that I played the first game several times these days. I’m counting the minutes until the release. :smile:


I have waited so long for this to be released!!! I really hope Its $2.99 when it comes out tomorrow until the price is bumped up after a few days since thats all I have left on my account, If its $2.99 as soon as it is released, I will be so happy man. So much appreciation, gratitude, and respect for you devoting a lot of time and resources to make this series!


I am excited but worried about some stuff I read during the beta testing. But hope all would be ok, The writing part is great and the story is amazing and less railroad tracks that first part. If the issues about certain things are solved would be one of best Cog in a while.


Im so sad, i have to wait till friday because that’s pay day. Man I love verses one of the best games ever.


Gah! Why is so many games i want to play always coming out when im near broke! :cry: ima have to wait a few days


Inverse problem. I have the money, but not the time :sob: (And I’m not even working full time, darn it. How do the rest of you adult-ish people keep this up? :no_mouth:)


@Cecilia_Rosewood Save some time everyday for a little joy. That’s what I do. Then again I work once a week usually.


No sleep. :calendar_spiral:


Anyone else feel like you’re getting a political agenda shoved down your throat when you play this guy’s games? Not a fan, unlike everyone else on this forum it seems…


His games are good if you don’t like what’s in his game then don’t play it.


I like his writing however, we have the right as customers to critizise his works to help out to getting it better. If all is appraisals then he won’t improve. Read his interesting interview about how harsh feedback has helped him.

Political here has a lot of sense. My main problem is the forced sex scenes . But I won’t talking about them until games come out.


Not planning to, just wondering if anyone else feels the same way as me. No need to be so hostile.


Yeah we’re all free to criticize nothing wrong with that.


Here is not propaganda the game. I beta tested it So I recommended it except if you romance Lady Veruna first part. Here is incredible the plot between faction.


Sometimes is gets a bit much, but I’d gladly suffer through a few pages of that for anything Zachary writes. Granted I’m a bit of a fan girl( I’ve stalked his facebook enough) but all of his stories have been good so far I see no reason not to try it out.

(He’s the inspiration for me writing my own so I’m slightly biased)


The Hero Project is not a good game, too little heroism too much agenda. There is a motive it is one of the few CoG games to have neutral overall reviews on Steam.

@poison_mara Thanks, If you say this game does not have the same agenda as the Hero Project, I shall give it a go.


No not powered people against discrimination propaganda here. Here you are fighting for survival. So yes, there is political ambitious people etc… Plotting against others but all alliances are similar there is no good vs evil. Also you ckuld focus in find The damn prisca hero.

I have issues with one scene but I don’t know if they fixed it or not. About a certain romantic path with a very nasty scene.


yup; the fact that Mara is saying its vastly improved from Redemption is encouraging. I like Zachary’s writing but up until now the games he wrote felt very railroaded to follow a script - of which Redemption’s script was far too blatantly political. The Hero Project series I could at least have a veneer of self-interest and selfishness… even though Slugger it, I just felt the need to end up being the common hero no matter what at the end.

Zach’s character building and world-lore are first rate and the fact that he draws on material dating from childhood shows he has thought a lot out; let’s hope the choices are as meaningful as he claims them to be in his interview.