COMING THURSDAY: "Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked," New Demo, Trailer, Author Interview





This is looking rad like Choice of Han Solo knows Jack sparrow


Yes have been waiting for this game. The problem is it’s currently saying on Google play item not found does that mean it’s not ready yet?

coming on Thursday Today is Monday just saying


I know that it says Monday at 12:30 on the release in game

Lol. This description made me more interested than CoG staffs description xD

Edit: Anyway what about the HGs supposed to come out today? It’s says june 17th ln the release thread, but I don’t recall of a CoG/HG ever coming out on monday so I wonder, was that a typo?

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The rest is Make captain kirk proud of your aliens sexy prowess while navigate politicians like Palpatine.

It is a bug. The links other shops aren’t available and is not released until they send mail. They are fixing it for sure… So patience everybody. Let staff handdle the mistake.

So meanwhile everyone to read the demo that looks promising.


I was kinda afraid actually, cose ‘‘Rogue, spaceship with your crew, heist! Get rich, Pew Pew, get chased in space, race to the end’’ . well those aren’t really my cup of tea . I mean, I read them sure . But it isn’t that much fun, since I’m boooring in a ‘Rogue’ setting lol .

But tis look good, the demo is really really Good . Take mah Money already!


I played the Beta. It was VERY fun and I’m going to buy it upon release. If you like space, being a captain of ships and moral dilemmas, this game is for you.


I’m so happy to see it coming into the world! For those of you who are wondering about the tone and genre, I’d recommend reading my author interview, as I go into a bit of detail about tonal inspirations there!


This is something!

Reminds me of the science fiction books from Peter F. Hamilton


Searching the Thorne Chaser gave me serious Alien vibes, which is great and makes me want to buy the game. But at the same time, I don’t trust certain crew members or the corporation.


Oooh, for once the trailer seriously hyped me up! Hope this is as good as I’m imagining it!


Has anyone seen the TV series The Expanse? The setting of the story feels very similar to the setting in the TV series with Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid belt colonists as competing but interdependent factions.


Oh my god, someone else who sucks at ‘rogue’ settings! I thought we don’t exist!

A few pages in and I like this already, though! You can actually customize the kind of person the Captain is really well in just those few pages, and that’s pretty great. This feels more like the Expanse than Star Trek or rando space rogues #247989, I’m definitely interested.

Also, I love the clothing customization page more than I should, as someone who’s agender and dress masculine lol.


The Expanse was a key inspiration, I’m unsurprised people have spotted it, and I’m happy that tone is coming across!


Just played the demo and can’t wait to buy it!!


Just read the demo, it great. Can’t wait to buy it. But I have one problem, what’s the average lifespan of a human in this setting? The ship takes 6 months for it to complete its trip and I’m guessing we aren’t using cryopods. I don’t know if that’s just me but that seems like a crapload of time to for one trip unless the pay is extremely good.

Haven’t read the demo yet but the description definitely feels Expansey, which rocks! We need more sci fi games here!

I stumbled upon the new Asteroid Run title and see the preview on my browser. But I want the title to purchase off thr Play store but it’s not available yet. If I purchase it on the browser can I just sign in and use the app once it’s made available by Google?