COMING THURSDAY: "Top Villain: Total Domination," New Trailer, Author Interview, and DEMO


Top Villain: Total Domination

Author Interview:


This was such a fun game to beta test. I haven’t been in much of a laughing mood for a few months now, but I laughed out loud every few pages at least while I was working on this. I love how it’s so deeply silly, yet full of nerdy references to great literature. I was not surprised to read in the interview that the author was inspired by so many things I’ve enjoyed too.

I hope this game attracts a wide audience. I’m excited to see what everyone thinks when Thursday comes around.


Didn’t even have this book on my radar but, damn, I’m so here for my MC’s hilariously repressed sexual attraction to Matchless Man. :joy:

“Matchless Man!” you shout. “Once again, we find ourselves locked in each other’s arms in a wrestle between good and evil. But this time, I will come out on top!”

Despite how that sentence sounded, you didn’t mean for there to be any sort of subtext to that exclamation.

Or did you?



Yay, exciting! Congratulations and good luck for release day :smile:

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Oh, I just loved that trailer XD the perfect amount of comedy.

Though the laughter was louder and. Abit more forced that I imagined, I totally say that cough coming.

Well, time to play the demo. Good luck with the story!