COMING THURSDAY: "The Superlatives: Aetherfall" - New Author Interview and TRAILER


Link isn’t working for me, anyone else?

Video was set to private. Fixed now

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grabby hands giiiiive

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I heard you were harrassing @RETowers! Don’t worry, new games are coming! Though as the editor of Superlatives, I do think it’s exceptionally good :smiley:


I apologiiiise.
But how could I resist a game that combines Steampunk (aesthetics) and superheroes °_°
My little Automatona will have a new/additional home

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Yay, looks awsome. Can’t wait!

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Why isn’t it Thursday yet?


Hey i dont know if anyone els is have this problem but i cant find the game on the google play store. It sucks because it looks really good and i cant wait to give my money to you guys.

It’s coming on thursday (19th), as the title says.

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Yeah sorry couldve sworn it said a diffrent date earlyer so im guessing it got postponed to this thursday release

We update the Upcoming Games when we have new info.

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If you are in Europe, it’s already available. (found a few typoes already and some hiccups, will see to post them once I’m through.)

For those who have it already:

Is Dusk always female? I know I’ll see on my second playthrough, but if the answer is no, could there perhaps be an option to pick their gender later on instead of (I assume) it being tied to what your gender is should you pick you are bisexual/-romantic? This was already a massive NOPE for me in HR, cause it felt massively like bi-erasure (granted, so far Aetherfall has not tried to push Dusk on me.

Though on that note: Are those shoutouts/allusions to other superhero CoG games I spy there?

little brother in Martian means penis in french. Fun fact I thought worth sharing.


Lmao, that moment when you discover Doctor Who reference in this game. I oughta give it high score just because of that.

Nope, I don’t think so.

Ah, shame. Would have been additional fun XD

Also, I’m curious why in a game with (for example) a romanceable character of each gender, it bothers you if the third romance is gender-flippable?

It’s not so much that it’s gender flippable. It’s more when the gender of said RO is set in a way that makes the relationship appear, in lack of a better term, monosexual when my MC is bi/pan. At least when you have games that act as if said RO is the ultimate RO.
picking the ROs gender at some other point (I think canonfire concerto did it pretty well) is ok.
It’s a YMMV thing, though

I’m not keen on players selecting NPC characters’ gender, regardless of romanceability. I prefer that there’s simply enough romance for everyone. Also, there’s definitely not an ultimate/you’re supposed to romance this character, not that one, I don’t think.