COMING THURSDAY: "Mask of the Plague Doctor," New Author Interview, DEMO, and TRAILER




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Medevial fantasy, cool masks, 400000+ word count, count Me in


Loving everything about this, and the interview was great! Also thought it was cool to see another CoG author who played Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as a child. Can’t wait to give this a whirl!


I read the wip and fell in love with it from the first chapter so I can’t wait for the full story :grin::heart:


I can’t think of a better time for this game to be coming out lol. In all seriousness though, I’m very excited, I absolutely love anything to do with plague doctors and this seems right up my alley.


WoW nice timing to release this…
Waited for a LONG time after that WiP

Congratulations @PParrish. It’s finally here! Can’t wait to finally get this!

@GreekWinter Must confess though, I don’t think I ever finished an FF book without ‘cheating’ to some degree (thumb in the page to rewind after a death, or playing with higher stats). Then again … did anyone?


FF Book?


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I’ve only beaten one (Deathtrap Dungeon), because I knew exactly what I was doing from multiple playthroughs. Most of them are damn near impossible without a dozen tries under your belt.

There are some pretty dedicated Fighting Fantasy groups on Facebook that talk about how they play and beat the games without cheating and dedicate a lot of their time to that particular fandom and the new wave of die-roller gamebooks. It’s a fantastic community.


Congratulations and good luck for release day @PParrish, the interview was really interesting too! I’m looking forward to playing. I’ve been very excited to dive in since seeing the WIP and of course that incredible cover art.

Fighting Fantasy reader here too! I was very into Fabled Lands as a pre teen/young teen as well and they’ve borne the test of time very nicely.


I did the cover layout for the Kickstarter version of of Fabled Lands 7 a few years back. Unfortunately, the company running the Kickstarter screwed everyone involved over, took the money and ran. That was a dark day in the Gamebook community. Great series though, and it’s currently being expanded by the original authors (Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson) on their own imprint, Fabled Lands Publishing along with author Paul Gresty.


Excited to play this one. The cover art and interview were both great.


Congrats! Will definitely buy this when it releases!

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stoked for this! i fell in love with this already when i was just playing the wip and now i’m so glad that it’s finally releasing! i am so excited to play this!

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My sense of what day it is has been totally blown by self-isolation, and before I put up the interview I was thinking on Sunday night “Oh yeah, it’s release week for MotPD, I’d better soft-launch this on Google Play before I go to bed…wait NO, that’s for Wednesday night!”

That said, I’m excited for Thursday too!


Very much so. I’ve been waiting for this since the WiP thread surfaced.

This isn’t the place, but perhaps I or someone will start a new topic on how folks are liking the official COG WIP threads. I can’t say I invented the idea, but IIRC other than @Havenstone’s Rebels and @HannahPS’s Creme Developer Diary, we hadn’t done much in this direction until Ironheart, Mask of the Plague Doctor, and Mrs. Claus. Now those games have come to fruition, and I’m eager for my authors to continue doing it, but I wonder how users are enjoying it. It occurs to me now having seen folks say here and for Ironheart “Oh yes, I was following the WIP and now this is coming out!”


I remember playing City of Thieves on a car journey with almost every finger in a page, like some sort of unholy cat’s cradle…

Congrats on the release - I’m really looking forward to this one!