Versus the lost ones weird mechanics (spoiler)

I don’t know if I’m using the right forum to post this, since I saw the official post for the game is 6 years ago & I’m not allowed to post there.
But the game has such weird mechanics? You have to set a goal and if you by any chance choose otherwise than your decision fails. It has lots of reading… I don’t mind that I read books that I enjoy but I felt reading all that just to push through the game & get to the choices already.

Can I also mention how much I hate Lady Venuma?
She’s basically forced upon the reader regardless of orientation. Also meeting Breeze the first and as one of the only 2 male romanceble options, we’re shown how she manipulates him with her supernatural charm and how she regularly sleeps with him & he goes along with it. How are we supposed to romance him after all this?
She’s feels so manipulative and icky.

Also the tidbit about Todrick is so messed up. An innocent gullible man. We can only either sacrifice him for the only of 2 male romance option breeze, or sacrifice Breeze. What are these options?

I would’ve liked in politics to be opposed to the elite court since it seemed so far unfair, but that mean being allies with Venuma & I just can’t stand that goddess lol. The game just became unplayable to me when finally presented with a choice to sacrifice Todrick or Breeze. It sad that I can’t continue it but has anyone else felt that too while playing? Do Venuma and Breeze ever separate? Can you save both Todrick & Breeze?


Yeah, the game is an absolute mess


I’ve enjoyed playing it and subsequent game though it’s been a bit since I last played lol yet I can say how ever one of them must die there’s no way around it. Your basically setting the initial faction your joining with this choice though neither side is innocent yet there is the possibility of a third faction forming up but I don’t recall enough to say the who and which steps you half to take as MC.

Who is dhantik?