Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion

Here is a place to discuss Tally Ho spoilers without fear of corrupting the ears of the innocent. Spoilers tags are probably good ideas for big stuff.

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Here I am, boldly rushing forth onto the scene!

How can I get the Club to like me and throw my erstwhile sattelite Valentine under the bus?


I adored Haze from the moment he stepped onto the scene.

I also really, really like how you handled his depression/probably BPD tbh. It isn’t obvious, and it isn’t him, but it is an obviously important* part of who he is. As someone who struggles with BPD and bipolar ii, it was so nice to have it portrayed so well. I greatly appreciated it, @Gower.

And the scenes with that sweethearted, precocious, little tramp! I loved her! I can’t, for the life of me, recall her name, so I’m sure she is quite angry with me for referring to her as Pixie (Lord, if that’s the wrong name, as well, I’m going to have to dig myself a Hole of Shame :tm: ).

And I can’t wait to try the other romances~! I’m most looking forward to stealing Rory’s betrothed for myself.

I do have to say, though, that Figs annoys me to no end. I did everything I could to utterly destroy him, but it just wouldn’t work! Kid has the confidence and worldview of, like, Jesus, or something. Maybe Buddha. Cthulu? Kid is just constantly turning the other cheek. Stop that! Hate me as much as I hate you, dang it!

Side note, though, I do believe the 1930s are mentioned in a few places, though the summary of the game states it is in the 1920s. Not sure where to put that information.

Also, I know this also probably isn’t the place, but I wanted to let you know that this game is my favorite offering from CoG (not necessarily HG, as I don’t play those as often) in quite some time. I plan on purchasing it more than once, to extra support you ;o;


Regarding the 1920s–yes, there are several errors in the game summary, and that’s one of them. I’ve let them know about it, and it’ll get fixed eventually.


Speaking of Valentine, I encountered a problem with her. I went through her room and got her to confess everything, but I kept her secret secret and never reported my findings. When Regina and Carlington confronted Valentine, Regina more or less said it was thanks to me that Valentine was found out.

Which was kind of a punch in the gut, since I was trying to protect her.

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How do you get accepted into the Inner Circle? Like the specific stats you need? I can’t seem to get my invitation stat above 64. Do i need it to be higher or do i need something else as well?

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This may be the reason:

That response on Regina’s part is very likely due to something you let slip to her in an earlier conversation…


How do you unlock criminal ending with Haze? I selected jewel thief as my past and romanced her, but it was still greyed out.


I assume you mean the “notorious criminal” ending (which doesn’t have to be with Haze). Let me see if I have a light hint. If you want a heavier hint, let me know.

You need both notoriety and criminal skills.


You’re nearly there!


So high suspicion and high skullduggery?

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It’s this:

Renown, actually, rather than suspicion, on the grounds that high suspicion probably indicates a pretty bad thief…


Wow thanks I feel pretty dumb :sweat_smile: How do you increase renown, didn’t understand that one.

The explanation of the stats (in the second stats screen) should explain the sorts of things that raise stats like renown.

Thank you I can know complete my MCs canon ending :smile:

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i know how i get this response …it was when Regina told me that i had been considered to the Inner Circle and i chose to answer “I already know about it from Valentine”, then Regina keep asking who is Valentine even though i said nothing afterwards…

I still save Valentine using my high reknown stats :wink:

I totally understand what you meant, i refuse to shake his hand and he put his palm print on my back…i refuse to help him take his drawing and he smuggle it to my luggage, i tear his drawing , refuse to meet him in the hunt …and they make me help him impersonate the professor, he jump out of window and i am the one who need to wear the beards to continue to be the professor…the only good thing comes out where i choose to forgive Figs is that i manage to wink at Haze to tell her about this whole thing and i got a kiss from her… not to mention everyone is so supportive of me to play the game of “I am …” after i Regina almost unveil me…LOL


It’s truly a testament to your skill, @Gower, that I can hate Figs as much as I do and still have enjoyed this game so much. Usually, when I hate a character this much, I can never play the game/watch the movie/read the book ever again. I literally get anxiety.

However, you handled him so well that I actually laugh at just how stupid he and Mopsie (Muggsy? I’m so bad with names. I play too many dating sims and CYOAs. Names are mush to me, at this point) are. Reminds me of when I was 17-18 and had my first real boyfriend.

I do think that it might have been better to have some options, during the Professor sequence, where I could try to destroy the evening, or something. That could be funny.

Really, that’s my only complaint for literally the entire game. It’s such a funny piece of literature. I seriously can’t sing the praises of this game enough.


God, I laughed so hard at the “I’m Figs.” It was really well written and I loved to play it.

Though I decided I wouldn’t romance anyone in my last playtrough. Any of the depicted relationships seemed quite unhealty to me. Well I’m not a big fan of the romance genre anyway.
I felt quite disconnected from the other characters in the game. Like my MC was the only sane one in a world of mad people. “Alice in Wonderlands” feels.

At first, Haze seemed to be the most relatable character, but I can’t figure how to romance them. They always end up utterly rejecting me. While my MC seemed quite hurt, I just felt tired by their mood swings. I can’t help you if you won’t take my hand, buddy. While I know they are in some kind of serious depression, I simply ended up wanting to flee far away from them.


Have fun with them and don’t be too pushy. It won’t completely destroy your chances of being with them, if you outright tell them you’re serious about them, but it does give you a solid hit to the stat bar.

I can’t remember all of my stats but the single play through (so far)in which I earned an acceptance I was dependent on a cultured, intelligence, and persuade. Their final scores were 71 cultured, 63 intelligence, and 72 persuade.

However it’s about more than scores. Ultimately the inner circle is looking for discreet, dedicated individuals who can get results. Also it may help to get the briefcase yourself.

I’m not certain but I believe suspicion may have a direct impact on the discussion with Dr x. I have had equally smooth conversations in other play throughs as the winning one, only to be stopped by a gut feeling.

Suspicion may also be a factor in acceptance as high profile is quite opposite to their goals