Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

Let’s use this thread for discussion of Cakes and Ale. Spoilers are ok here.

Welcome to the Jolly Good trilogy, set in the same world as Tally Ho. The first game is called “Cakes and Ale.” It will take place less than a year after the first game. While the Jolly Good trilogy will branch based on certain decisions you made in Tally Ho, it can also be played completely stand-alone and will be totally understandable even if you didn’t play Tally Ho.

The premise:

  • Whereas in Tally Ho, you are a servant seeking to ease life for an idle and loveable goof, in the Jolly Good games, you are the idle and loveable goof, with your own clever servant who thinks they know how best your life ought to be run.
  • The heart of the first game is the social club that the main character joins, the silly and loveable people who are members, the outrageous adventures you and they get up to, and the friendly (?) rivalries with the neighboring clubs.
  • While Tally Ho was based on P.G. Wodehouse’s “Jeeves and Wooster” series of short stories and books, this series will be based on his “Drones Club” and “Blandings” stories and novels. Similar humor and narration, but somewhat different sorts of plots and characters.
  • Pretty much all of the characters you may know from Tally Ho will make at least one substantial appearance somewhere in the Jolly Good games, and in some cases, be major players in the plot.
  • There will be four love interests in the Jolly Good games that I know about so far. The love interests are all new characters–they aren’t returning characters from Tally Ho.
  • The first game will be called "Cakes and Ale"; the second game will be "Tea and Scones"; the third will be "Port in a Storm."

The Jolly Good Wiki is a great resource for me and others. Add to it if you see something that needs working on!


So we are forced to be good merry people? :crying_cat_face: :sob: I want be evil not merry merry is boring ! :wink: Still I will support you lol even if i am not sure if I will replay it. I like tally oh even if I found totally lacking inambitious pc


You can be a bit of a jackass or a snoot or a sneak, but in the spirit of the source material, there’s not a lot of straight-up evil. I would say that the amount of bad you can be in Tally Ho is about the amount of bad you will be able to be in this game.


Oh thats like minus twenty in Mara evil scale. With your games i take them as literature not as role-playing games. I can’t role-playing merry characters . Still you are one of best writers here and Wodehouse was with Conan Doyle one of first books i read in English with Shakespeare’s. You make me laugh. Still i can’t empathize and connect with pc as i am polar opposite to merry i am grumpy and jumpy. You need a grumpy adorable jumpy personality i could understand. Like Mr scrooge in Christmas carrol


I know in Tally Ho we couldn’t have a male Rory if we were female or a female Rory if we were male, is that different in Cakes and Ale?
Will we get to have a female maid if we’re male and a male butler if we’re female?


In Cakes and Ale, whether you have a female maid or a male valet will be independent of whether your own character is male, female, or nonbinary. And your servant will be one of the possible romantic interests. (Possibly one of the more challenging ones, but an option nonetheless.)


I can’t believe the demo is out! I really love Tally Ho and historical fiction so this will be a day one buy for me but I’m getting ahead of myself. :joy: Looking forward to trying out the demo soon and for future updates!


The demo isn’t out, alas–it won’t be for quite a while. This is more a thread I created to answer some FAQs so that I wouldn’t clutter up the Tally Ho thread. Sorry to disappoint! I’m plugging away at it, though, stuffing this game full of witty conversations, romantic gazes, and ridiculous situations.


Thanks for sharing a bit of what you’re doing with us, Gower.

And, wow, that’s going to be one long trilogy. I don’t think there has ever been a ChoiceScript game that brings in choices from another game while having a different MC and story. It’ll be interesting to see how you pull it off.

You can color me interested with these little tidbits you’ve written. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh sorry. I did not read the rest of the post. I was too excited. :joy: I’m looking forward to the demo and future update then.

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Wow !!! it is awesome … thinking of returning characters, howabout Haze who didn’t give up burglar life to “Visit” us and " Borrow " our belongings ? :slight_smile:

It would be fun to have a Bruce Wayne-Catwoman relationship with our new MC :-):joy: too bad Haze won’t be the RO though…


Haze is definitely going to be a significant part of this game in certain paths, starting most likely in the second game of the trilogy. The characters from Tally Ho we will definitely see in the first game (obviously depending on the paths you take) are Rory (lots of Rory), Frankincense, Aunt Primrose, Inspector Ambrose, Firesnuff, Mopsie, and Figs. We’ll hear some tidbits about other old friends, but won’t see them till the later games of the series–most of the time, you’ll be getting to know a whole new cast of characters!


If Mopsie dump Figs, i definitely going to visit Mopsie and tell her what a brilliant decision she had made, and i will be trying to court her to show her what a responsible and capable gentleman should act :-):kissing_smiling_eyes:

That’s a shame … sad sad sad



I really love the concept of bringing back old characters on sequels. I am very curious on how they were doing though I could see that there will be a lot of variables to be taken into account.


I’m already excited just from reading the premise – I can’t wait to play the goof, go on outrageous adventures, and see what the new ROs will be like!

And I like that there will be reoccurring characters… will there be an option at the beginning to say what we chose for those certain decisions in Tally Ho, or will we have to carry saves over?

I’m also looking forward to the demo. Although, to be honest, I’d buy this even without a demo at this point. Your other stories were wonderful. :relaxed:


ZE: Safe haven did a type of bonus for people that played the previous series by loading up previous saves. I know Tally ago didn’t have a save feature, but would consider doing something of the same thing since it’s interacting with several of the same characters?


Right now my plan is to have an option to say what you chose for the key decisions, and if you don’t feel like doing that, to randomize those decisions.

I’m hoping not to make people carry saves over–I would just rather have people set the variables they want at game start and go with that.


With Tally Ho! being my favourite CoG, this might just be the best news I’ve heard all year — and we’re only three months in!

What I wouldn’t give for more interactions with Rory and Aunt Primrose :sob:


Since we are not playing the previous MC, i would also think this is the best way :slight_smile: