Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion

The other big one I can think of is the scene when you wake up just before the parlour, where Rory will burst in on you and the peacocks and talk to you about how things are going. It’s also a lot easier to break them up if you’re trying to romance one of them, since the more popular you are with Rory or Frankincense the less they want to get married (because they’re interested in you).

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Another place is talking to either Rory or Frankincense before dessert in chapter five. The person you select to be thinking about in the car with Figs at the start of chapter five will be the person you chat with after dinner, unless you aren’t thinking about anyone, in which case you get Mopsie or Firesnuff.


Incredibly late to the party but I wanted to share a picture I drew of my servant and Mopsie meeting on the lawn. It’s a cute moment so I had to sketch it!


That look in your servant’s eyes!!! And it is not too late for the party. This party goes on for several more years. I am in fact just working on a scene with Mopsie in it, so this is incredibly timely!


To the creator…


Hello writer of Tally Ho!

Took me a lot of scrolling down to be able to post a comment, and I’m glad that I many people loved your book as much as I did!

For an experienced gamer like me, the stats were difficult to grasp at first but they were easy to use as I continued the game! My Renown went up to 93 at one point, and my second highest stat was Invite for going up to 65, I failed for not maximizing them! Although I was scared the entire time because my suspicion went up to 60+ and yet, no one was arrested.

I only had to restart once because I was trying to be friends with Fran, which makes it difficult for me to romance Rory alone. I had to be extra aggressive which made me fangirl a lot of times out of my audacity and nerve for deliberately separating them, can’t be friends with everybody I guess!

AND OMGGG I know everyone else is drooling over Haze (it’s fun to be with bad guys, but it gets tiring sometimes-I thought he was cute at first but after knowing he’s a criminal, I got that vibe~the vibe that you’ll get rejected a bunch of times first or may not end up in the end~he gave off that vibe…Dream Daddy Robert much? Haha! I didn’t want this particular MC to suffer anything because he’s made of glass :3)

BUT REALLY! I really loved (x2) Rory! I loved the scenes you spend with him, especially the first part where we eyeballed each other. He’s JUST really refreshing, for one, I can get to kiss or cuddle him a lot of times, I didn’t know that I really needed this!! Waaahh! (although I kissed him all the time to make sure he belongs to my MC alone hehe).

I picked Rory for my male MC because I loved the chemistry: employer/servant chemistry + close friends which is = healthy and long-lasting relationship and that he wasn’t a very sexual person (although I enjoyed a lot of that in other games)

I just loved your book! It’s just VERY REFRESHING.

It was very funny! The narrative, the characters are great! Especially Aunt Prim, she’s the best!
Also the paths were reasonable, I sacrificed my chance in The Inner Circle for all the Rory scenes. And wow! I’m going to school without sleep because of this! And I’ll reread it over and over again!

Very sorry for this long text, I just hope you, the creator gets to read it. And that we can get updates on your new works! How can I follow?


Accept MEH hearts! Mwah! :two_hearts:~~:blue_heart:(●´з`):heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:(´∀`):heart::purple_heart:(。’▽’。):heart::heartbeat:(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ:two_hearts::heart:(∩o∩):gift_heart:(๑・ω-)~”


I’m sorry, this is the shortest version of a comment that I could provide out of my love for this gamebook, everytime I try to shorten it, it just keeps getting longer…Forgive my unreasonable fangirling…I’ll try submitting some sketches for my MC and Rory… I hope you’ll like them :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for this! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and so glad you loved Rory and wanted to be friends with Frankincense. I always hope that people spare a little love for Frankincense.

Your wish is my command. I can’t say no to so many hearts!


Omg thanks for that update
Glad you replied too :heart_eyes:
We’ll be rooting for u!

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Got to put my two-cents in. I really loved this game, as it allowed me to just relive my fantasies of being an silly-level amazing butler like Sebastian from Black Butler.

However, I have legitimately been crying and angry at Rory at the moment. On my second playthrough, I wanted to be even better at skullduggery but still romance Rory. Everything was going perfect, even got to when Rory asks you to go to New York with him and the two happily kiss. Then not more then a frickin scene later, Rory was reinstating his engagement to Frankincense. Not a word spoken to my butler about it. Not until the frickin Love Tunnel scene…and then all I get to comment is that I’ve a broken heart. And that’s it. Just go along the rest of the merry ending like Rory did NOT just pull the cruelest and most heartbreaking betrayal ever. (Like seriously, flashbacks to Alistair dumping you cause you’re not human in Dragon Age Origins level, betrayal)

I can’t seem to get over it. Just…seriously…I would think at least at that point the romance should be locked in. But no…let’s just pretend like its all good in the world of Tally Ho. T_T

Otherwise, I loved the game. And the characters. And Rory. And that’s why Rory’s betrayal hurts. Why, Rory, seriously that was effed up of you. :sob:


I just checked with Rory, and he said that he was “a bit muddled” at the time and “was under the impression that ‘till death do I part’ was something of a hyperbole.” He also informed me that he would try to “keep a clearer head next time on the off chance you decide to restart the game” but that he can make no certain promises.


Hmph. I’ll try to forgive him then. But seriously, that was a betrayal of both love, friendship, and trust right there. Inform him that by no means will he get away with it a second time without at least receiving a good deck to the face with my resignation. :laughing:


hey , any chance we see a sequel to this game ? cose I loved it SO much…

also…how do you freaking win that race at the end ?


If you look up five posts from yours, you will see an exciting link.


Teasing Gower using Hype is super effective :hugs:


Ah, that gave me quite a hard time in my first reads. I think there’s a way to win without having to chose a right path. All of them can take you ahead of the others, and it all depends on the stat checks you pick.

For example, when going through the middle and duking it out with the the kids, you can win the challenge with Intellect (apreciating the bread) or the other one that isn’t strengh (just powering through it)


You can lost? I have never lost in like ten replays. I mean is easy as hell win with any of configuration. That or I am a hell of a leader


Yes. It is possible to lose the race. :joy:

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You can. Aunt Primrose gets really angry and Firesnuff might do some bragging.

The real treat, though, is just ramming into Firesnuff’s crew as much as you can, ruin both your ships, and get the bootmaker’s boat to win.


I role play characters that fight to win so I never lost to bootmakers. I mean who fight for losing?

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If you gamble in some way for other team to win, you can purposely make your team lose. I did that in one of the playthrough to to release Fig from prison and to get money for myself.


Yeah i suppose that but like i didn’t care fig and I prefer win to money I never did that. Win is priceless to smug about my superior skills lol