Round of applause for @gower and his second game!


finally!! congrats @Gower, i’ve been waiting for this :heart_eyes: (been counting every single days)


@Gower Not bad! Two games is quite the impressive feat!


As someone who absolutely loves the works of Wodehouse – Jeeves and Wooster especially – I can barely contain my excitement!


I’ve been eagerly waiting for this one. Can’t believe I get to play it tomorrow! Congratulations @Gower for what I’m sure it’s another great game.


Wow! 638,000 words!?

I really like the time period so I look forward to buying this!


Omg the demo is amazing!! I had my doubts about this one, since i was not a fan of his previous game neither do i like the timeline, but holy bear on a bike with balalaika… AMAZING!

Really loved it! And already in the demo i had like three times different dialogs and new scenes!! Can’t wait for the full release!!


So keen to read this one! :slight_smile: Congratulations @Gower!

P.S. And a lovely interview, too.


I just got it. The game is already available in the European store :grin:


Top interview! Really smart guy, particularly enjoyed his discussion on generosity as an author. Can’t wait for the book now!


It’s already available at Playstore as well.


Ahhh I have a test today :disappointed: maybe I can control myself and just read a little bit


I know how you feel. It’s an actual court date today for me and on top of that my mom and aunt insist on visiting this evening. I swear this release is jinxed, which seems oddly appropriate considering its setting. :sweat_smile:


Alas, if only you had a wily manservant to help you navigate these dilemmas!


just finish it for the first time (before going to replay it again) and GOSH!! DO I LOVE IT!! the joke, the pun, the story and its character is quite well written, good job @Gower!! its really worth the wait :heart_eyes:


I loved the sound of this game when I read its WiP thread and somehow I never realised that it was by the author of my favourite Choice Of game. (Buries face in hands in embarrassment.) On the bright side, I am now even more enthusiastic.