Video session of our group of CoG/HG Authors (Video Link on Post #12)

Yesterday, I was privileged to video chat (Zoom) with:

@JimD (Jim Dattilo: Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Vampire: the Masquerade - Out for Blood, etc)

@HannahPS (Hannah Powell-Smith: Creme de la Creme, the brand new Noblesse Oblige, etc.)

and Zachary Sergi (the Heroes Rise series, the Versus series, etc.)

(I’m the author of the Community College Hero series and the upcoming Talon City)

Anyway, we chatted for over an hour getting to know each other and discussing various writing/game topics; it was very informal. It was a lot of fun meeting some people I’d only communicated with via the forums or emails.

We’re definitely going to chat again no matter what, but we were thinking about posting the next video meeting somewhere where people could watch it. I don’t have any specifics about when it would be available, or even necessarily on what platform, it’s more just of an interest check.

Would anyone be interested in watching? We’d likely be open to people submitting questions/topics, too.


A writing discussion involving you AND Zachary Sergi would be truly awesome to see! You guys are my favorite ChoiceScript authors! :blush:

That said, I don’t want anyone to feel pressured by a potential audience. It’s one thing to have a discussion with someone, but another thing entirely if you know that that discussion will be viewed by hundreds or thousands of strangers (especially if it’s a live event), so I’m a bit torn, to be honest. :sweat_smile:


We wouldn’t offer if we weren’t open to doing it, at least on an experimental basis.

But we’re not thinking a live event; you’re right, that could be pretty intimidating. I’d expect it would be a prerecorded session.

And Zachary is pretty high energy, he was fun to chat with.


I would totally watch that. :smiley:


I think it would be interesting. Even if you talk about your creation process.

(funny that my first choice of games/hosted games is “college hero” and “hero rises”, so it would be fun to see you guys talking)


I would try to see her even if she doesn’t know all English :sweat_smile:. (With automatic subtitles I have more than enough just in case) Still I congratulate you for your good work and contribution to this amazing community. Greetings from Mexico.


I really want to see it! If it’s going to be prerecorded you can open a thread some days before the meeting to get topics that readers would like to see you discuss and questions :star_struck:


Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

This is still very much in the idea stage, but I (or another member of the group) will post here if/when our group firms things up. It’s a challenge just getting a meeting set that fits all of our schedules, so logistics are definitely an issue, but we are hopeful we can schedule another session this fall.


I would be most interested in this. :slight_smile:


Id definitely be down to watch.


We just hit “end meeting” on our latest Zoom get-together today. It was really fun answering people’s questions!

It’s possible that we’ll share this session at a later date. If that happens, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.


Below is our video from this past Saturday’s meeting. After brief introductions, we discussed our experiences writing choice games, challenges writing our most recent games, how we use achievements, and more.