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Didn’t know were to put this but has CoG every thought about hosting books by authors of the games also?

I know @JimD and @Samuel_H_Young are both converting their gamebook into traditional novels. But I’m not sure if CoG are interested in publishing traditional novels. Also self publishing themselves will net the author more royalties.


Yeah, there wouldn’t be any purpose to us interposing ourselves between an author and a storefront (such as Amazon) for traditional narrative.

With ChoiceScript, we have a programming language and access to platforms. In addition, we’ve been doing this for five years, so we have a brand and marketing reach. While the brand and marketing may be fungible, the language and platform access is certainly not. Thus, the upside for the author would probably be less than the downside.

At this time, anyway. Who knows what the future will bring?


An RPG/gamebook publisher did talk to me some time ago about converting The ORPHEUS Ruse into a dead-tree gamebook. But, practically, it would have involved a fairly immense amount of work to wrestle the text for TOR - about 160,000 words - down to a manageable 60,000ish-word gamebook. And it would likely have been for a very small print run.

The publisher would probably have commissioned some artwork for the book, which is a very cool upside. But, overall, it just wasn’t viable.


Ahh ok well thanks for telling me all this I appreciate.

I would love to see the work you made turn into a book maybe a series of book that go more in depth about the world.

Ah, thanks for that. My next CoG game, MetaHuman Inc., takes place in the same setting. It doesn’t focus on psychics, especially, but there’s a little crossover between the two games.


Hey I figured I’ll drag this from the dead instead so making a topic has their been any change in thinking about CoG publishing regular books?

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Many people have asked. The problem is, we don’t bring anything to the table, really. Like, none of us have worked in traditional publishing, and we don’t have the competitive advantage of ChoiceScript. So, while we could, it seems like it would ultimately be a waste of time.


Ahh ok thanks for the reply I was just curious.

This article is a bit dated but still has good advice:

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